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June 28, 2017 at 5:48 pm

Syrian actress Nesreen Tafesh, whose mother is Algerian, posted an image wearing a traditional Algerian outfit for Eid on 24 June 2017. [Nesreen Tafesh/Twitter]

The celebratory holiday of Eid this week had a traditional twist as Algerians took to social media to launch the hashtag #Wear_Algerian_for_Eid in a bid to encourage locals to tap into their country’s culture and don traditional wear for the occasion.

Muslims traditionally wear new clothes and plan special outfits throughout Eid day with Algerians often mixing western and traditional clothing to mark the occasion.

But this holiday, a call to wear just traditional clothing and to share pictures online with the hashtag has seen an array of beautiful pieces from proud Algerians and celebrities alike.

This is the second year the campaign has been launched and the popularity of the hashtag meant it was the country’s top Twitter trend for most of the first day of Eid.

Syrian actress Nesreen Tafesh, whose mother is Algerian, wished her followers a happy Eid whilst honouring her Algerian side by wearing a traditional suit.

Whilst TV presenter, Chems Eddine Boudraa, also contributed to the hashtag by taking a selfie showing his outfit.

Algerian journalist, Fadel Zoubir, also posted a picture to his social media page.

From the Bernous, kaftans, Kerakou and Berber outfits, Algerians praised the country’s rich culture and joined in calls to make celebrate this more within society.

“All our media personalities, artistes, sportsmen and women, and all Algerians have joined us in donning traditional Algerian dress,” one Twitter user wrote.

Others chose to remind social media users of the country’s rich heritage

Algerians abroad also took part in the online campaign showing their traditional outfits during events.

Sheikha Hind Bint Abdulaziz Al-Qassimi, a member of the Sharjah royal family in the UAE, posed in a traditional Berber outfit whilst attending an event at the Algerian consulate in Dubai.

“Our clothes are part of our identity and our heritage. They tell a story of the phases our country has been through and are a cultural extension of our forefathers,” said one Twitter user wrote.