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US diplomat: New Saudi crown prince is Israel’s ‘dream come true’

Crown Prince and Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed Bin Salman [File photo]
Crown Prince and Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed Bin Salman [File photo]

An American diplomat said that appointing Mohammed Bin Salman as crown prince of Saudi Arabia was like a “dream come true for Israel”, Haaretz reported.

The former US Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro, said that the appointment of Bin Salman opens an unprecedented opportunity for Israel to improve its regional position and supports it in facing its strategic and security challenges.

Shapiro restated the fact that Bin Salman sees a link between Saudi Arabia and Israel’s interests and threats which will allow Tel Aviv to benefit.

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Bin Salman’s hatred of groups, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, and his efforts to confront Iran led him to certain regional alliances, the former US envoy said. It is for this reason that Bin Salman has built strong relations with both the UAE and Egypt.

The rise of strong Arab leaders who see Israel’s enemies as their own enemies actually serves the interests of Israel and the United States.

“This development could lead to the formation of an axis that includes the United States, the Sunni Arab states and Israel since they share common strategic interests and are prepared to confront extremist forces in the region,” he added.

Shapiro, who has also served as an adviser to President Barack Obama on Gulf affairs, urged both Riyadh and Tel Aviv to “use a wise diplomacy in order to achieve greater returns regarding the relationship between the two sides and reduce the damage that could result from the political reality in the region.”

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Bin Salman will be ready for a complete normalisation with Israel within the framework of the implementation of the Arab Initiative, Shapiro explained.

Former Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef “is known for being a reliable and trusted partner of the United States in its war on terror,” Shapiro explained, adding that his problem is that he is “a hesitant conservative who cannot adopt real social and economic reforms.”

Saudi should however be careful and not allow the new crown prince to drag it into unnecessary regional conflicts. Shapiro warned that the policies of Bin Salman may harm “American interests”, saying that the escalation of the crisis with Qatar “has already caused damage to Washington”.

It is for this reason, Shapiro said, that the US may issue a strong warning to Bin Salman to stop him from taking steps that “harm the interests of the United States”.

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  • Mariella We

    The Muslims killed Jews, Christians AND Muslims since 7th century, way before Israel & America were created. AND ALL Muslim countries are occupied non-Muslim countries. When the NON-Muslims want their land back, u call them invaders?? BUt when Muslims occupy land thru the JIhad they call themselves VICTIMS??? There is not an inch of land that were originally Islamic. Even Mecca was once a Jewish-Hindu-pagan city.

    • Saif Khan

      Show me where Muslims killed Jews and Christians since the 7th century. Most of these people converted to Islam. It looks like you are ignorant to history and want to do anything to put Islam in a bad light. Abraham and Ishmael originally built the temple in Mecca that was taken over by pagans (not Jews or Hindus so get your facts straight). These pagans oppressed the Muslims in their own city and thus the Muslims only took back their city from their oppressors. Furthermore, why are foreign countries invading Muslim countries then? Because they hate us for our faith.

      • Mariella We

        That’s YOUR version. 1) Abraham & Ishmael building Mecca is a MYTH, like that Bouraq Moh went on. All fables. Mecca was built by pagans. But then, Muslims use this myth to say that everything used to belong to Musims & Islam, hence your Ummah have this habit of taking other people’s lands, claiming that it was Islamic once. 2) Most of the pagans in Mecca converted to Islam BY THE SWORD. Why u think Moh entered Mecca with an army? And after Moh died, these pagans apostasized. Hence the Great War of Apostasy. 3) Remember the Bani QUraisya? Did your Ummah not massacre the Jews ? 600-900 men & boys according to the Sirat. And of course, after you went after da Jooz, the Zoroastrians & the Christians were next. How long do u want me to go on for?

        • Saif Khan

          Again, where is your proof. All you are spreading are LIES because of your hate of Islam and Muslims. How is the shrine in Kaaba a myth when 1) it EXISTS and 2) Many reputable Universities worldwide study the history of the Kaaba and concur with the account of Abraham building it with his son Ishmael as stated in the Qur’an. If you hate Muslims so much then leave Singapore. There are two reasons for you to attack Islam 1) you are ignorant and 2 you are hateful. Look at the world today and tell me who is the oppressor because it is quite obvious that Israel and Burma are commiting genocide against Muslims. Last I recall is that the specific Jews, Persians, and Crusaders that you mentioned started war with the Muslims several centuries ago and were defeated. I can go on all day and shut down each and every one of your lies.

          • Mariella We

            You wld deny any proof even if it’s staring u in the face. Check out yr own Sirat by Ibn Ishaq. Jews, Zoroastrian & Crusaders etc did NOT start the war against Muslims. It’s MUSLIMS who started holy war against everyone till this day until all the people say LA ILLAHA ILLALUOOOOOHH! .In these days of da internet u can only fool some people some of da time.

          • Saif Khan

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  • Mariella We

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    • Saif Khan

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  • missmisunderstood

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