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Egypt: Judge caught receiving a bribe

Building of the Egyptian High Court of Justice [Bastique/Wikipedia]
Building of the Egyptian High Court of Justice [Bastique/Wikipedia]

An Egyptian cabinet-affiliated, anti-corruption agency has arrested a judge while he was receiving a bribe at a café in the coastal city of Alexandria, the local news website Almesryoon reported yesterday.

The Administrative Control Authority has noticed that the judge, who headed a misdemeanours court, consistently acquitted defendants in all cases he ruled in. Further investigations revealed that he had requested a bribe in order to rule in favour of one of the parties in a particular case.

The anti-corruption agency then arranged a setup in which he was caught receiving a bribe.

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State Security Prosecution is currently questioning the Alexandria judge, known only as AW, seeking more information about the incident so as to take proper action.

The Supreme Judicial Council agreed to lift the judge's immunity prior to his arrest, while public prosecution gave the Administrative Control Authority the green light to record the suspect's conversation and to arrest him while he was receiving a bribe.

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