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Netanyahu's bright idea of moderation

August 7, 2017 at 5:23 pm

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) speaks upon US President Trump’s arrival in Tel Aviv on 22 May, 2017 [Daniel Bar On/Anadolu Agency]

In August 2014, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid the cornerstone for the “moderation” project. A little less than three years later, the Saudi monarch, the US president and their followers cut the tape in a boisterous opening ceremony in the Saudi capital city of Riyadh. The project organisers’ smiles shined while they stood around the magical orb.

This is not a case of directing accusations without any proof nor is it laying the blame on anyone. Rather, it is a case of irony that this person or these people are no longer bothered by being linked to Israel in the same context, at least since the first plane flew from the land of the Two Holy Mosques to Israel directly for the first time in history. The plane carried Ivanka and the family directly to the Buraq Wall, directly.

We do not know whether Ivanka, her husband and her father, Donald Trump, wore the Jewish Kippah in preparation for visiting the wall before the plane took off from Riyadh, or it happened on board.

We do, however, know that “moderation” is a realistic drama written by Benjamin Netanyahu, directed by Donald Trump, and financed and produced by the rulers of the Gulf of Siege on Qatar and Palestine. The co-actor was an extra who came from the famous Ba’ara Café in Cairo.

On 4 August 2014, he came to the world with the bright idea of bringing the idea of “moderation” to life. At the time, it was framed as “Arabs against political Islam, but with political Judaism”. I had said before that the Israeli Prime Minister and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu’s talk about a “new regional alliance” that joins Israel with Arab states has become known as the “moderation camp” is not as much an attempt to involve these countries in Israeli political traps as it is an expression of a catastrophic Arab reality that succumbed, like a lamb led to slaughter, to the Israeli logic. Those involved in the alliance began listening to the Israeli vision for the region and they repeated Israel’s sayings in Hebrew. Everyone is repeating the songs of the “war on terror”, after the Israeli orchestra leader. In this context, the terror is all forms of Arab resistance to the Zionist project aiming to redraw the maps of the region (new Sykes-Picot) according to Netanyahu’s vision.

All of this was in order to accelerate the pace of work to implement the “Jewishness of Israel” bill, which the right wing bloc in the Israeli coalition government, made up of Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu and Jewish Home, proposed a modified text for. This text describes Israel as a Jewish state with a democratic system, instead of the previous text, which described Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. The bill was proposed with the idea to topple President Mohamed Morsi as head of Egypt. This was on Wednesday 26 June 2013, four days before the counterrevolution battle against the Egyptian Arab Spring began, as the extremist Israeli right-wing, according to Haaretz newspaper, sought to formulate a state based on religious ethnic foundations, preferring the Jewish identity of the state over the democratic characteristics that countries today seek to adopt.

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In addition to this, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper also pointed out that the National Law, which MK Ayelet Shaked, from the Jewish Home party, worked on, in accordance with understandings with Likud, aligns with the draft bill proposed the day before by MK Ruth Calderon, of the Yesh Atid (Future) bloc, which seeks to transform the Israeli Proclamation of Independence, which provides for the Jewishness of the state, into a basic law, and to consolidate its principles in judicial and identity decisions.

I thought I was in a state of fantasia when I wrote my comment on this matter. I wrote: “When some Arabs classify resistance as terror, and when the hens of the false moderation coop cackle about the Jewishness of Netanyahu’s state, the Israelis have the right to dream about presiding over the Arab Summit institution and to advertise in Arab newspaper about the acceptance of volunteers for the Israeli army.”

Now, the spokesman of the Israeli occupation army, Avichay Adraee, graced us with a tweet that shows us that the reality is more savage than the state of fantasia I was in. In his tweet, he commented on an article by Al-Riyadh newspaper in which it referred to Hamas as a terrorist organisation, tweeting “A witness from their own family testified… Riyadh speaks the truth and calls things by their names.”

Al-Riyadh quickly erased the most shameful tweet of the century that sees the

Palestinian resistance in the eyes of the Zionists and addresses the resistance based on Avichay Adraee’s doctrine. However, where will it hide its actions when there is a monster known as “social media” that monitors, saves and re-publishes things.

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In the same orchestra that Abu Dhabi plays in and which plays with it, we see its young and rising ambassador to Washington threatening Qatar and inciting the world against it. All of this is because from his point of view, Qatar does not apply a secular system and he claims it is bias toward political Islam. Would he, or any of the “moderate guys” dare to utter a word against the “armed political Jewish” system in Israel?

Would any of the hawks of false secularism, born from an old Wahhabi womb, dare to impose a siege on their friend Israel, until it turns into a secular state and separates Judaism and politics?

Of course, none of this will happen simply because it will mean the dissolution and evaporation of Israel. This will not be accepted by the quartet of moderation, and how can this happen if the “moderation” itself is born as a bastard of Netanyahu?

This article first appeared in Arabic on Al-Araby Al-Jadeed on 7 August 2017.

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