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Jewish settlers burn Palestinian farms in Nablus

Palestinians attempt to extinguish a fire caused by settlers in West Bank on 3 June 2016 [Nedal Eshtayah/Apaimages]
Palestinians attempt to extinguish a fire caused by settlers in West Bank on 3 June 2016 [Nedal Eshtayah/Apaimages]

Jewish settlers burnt scores of acres of Palestinian farms on Tuesday in the neighbourhood of Aqraba to the south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, Quds Press has reported. According to a member of the Anti-Israeli Wall Committee in Aqraba, the extremist Jews set fire to the Palestinian-owned properties in the areas of Ein Al-Dooda and Ein Al-Joheir.

Speaking to Quds Press, Yousef Deriyeh added that the settlers were likely to have come from the illegal Israeli settlement of Itmar, which is built on Palestinian land to the east of Nablus.

He noted that the fire damaged hundreds of citrus trees at a time likely to strike a serious blow to the harvest. Local farmers depend mainly on their agriculture produce for their living.

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Deriyeh said that Palestinian fire fighters could not get access to the fire due to the presence of Israeli occupation forces and the extremist settlers. He noted that Israeli settlers carry out aggressive acts against the Palestinians in the area from time to time, and pointed out that they are always protected by heavily-armed Israeli troops or police, who target any Palestinians who try to stop the extremists.

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  • zad

    another form of zionist terrorism. now , these acts cannot be criticized, because it is “anti-semitic’ to criticize these terrorist, criminal activities

  • simpolton

    Venezuela is a problem; and a tragic one. The British have genuine sympathy – but little responsibility for it.
    PALESTINE, on the other hand was a direct result of British betrayal. THIS is the most URGENT – and longstanding – my God, is it longstanding Human Rights problem on Planet Earth. THIS is what I want the Labour Party to do something about; something BIG, positive, brave and healing. Brave? Oh yes, because to mention it at all is ‘antisemitic isn’t it?
    I’d say so myself if the word hadn’t been stolen from so many ethnic Arab people alongside their, country, Human Rights – and everything that goes with them. ANTI-SEMITIC? Certainly. Effected by other SEMITES and their brutal friends.
    Let’s at least start by wiping out ownership and USE of the word ‘semitic’. Then let’s really get down to morally required business!
    I’m sure the Labour Party will be well represented at this meeting. And I hope they will be supported by the Public who are totally fed up with anti-Corbyn activists playing Silly Buggers with peoples’ lives whenever they get the chance.

  • MaxEffectUSA

    If Palestine is so bad why don’t they move to some other islamic country? Because they know it’s better than the other countries in the area. It’s the same with the, over a million, moslems that live in Israel.

    • boblawrie16

      Would you willingly move from your home if a neighbour said they wanted it and to help you make up your mind they set fire to your belongings and deprived you of your income and safety all because of a fable written thousands of years ago that claimed that their God had promised it to these neighbours?

      • MaxEffectUSA

        I now understand I see this biased pro palestinian website doesn’t want to see any opposing proof from other articles and websites. They don’t allow links to be posted. Enjoy your OPINION unopposed.

        • Basima Rabie

          There is no proof except for lies, deception, terrorism and blackmail of the world over incidents that were orchestrated by the Zionist genocidal mafia: WWI, WWII, holocaust, Saddam’s WMD that never were, AL-Qaida, 9/11, ISIS, rampant assassinations, terror attacks across Europe. Your Israel is on stolen land. It is all an illegal settlement. All Zionists are anti-semitic because hebrew is not their first language. They are all misfits and bludgers living on Palestinian lands they have stolen. Now, you also want to silence websites that tell the truth because tge truth is what you don’t want heard. Your labelling, blame games, and threats don’t frighten me. So, put up real evidence not just lies, blames and threats or shut up.

          • MaxEffectUSA

            Look up the word “delusional” you are! Medical advice : see a shrink.

    • Hola amigo.

      Yeah, they know God is on Israel’s side, but they can’t do anything about it, they (Palestinians) should just kill themselves, and get it over with, huh!

      • Donna UK

        Israel was not given to the Jews by God… The UK government gave them it ILLEGALLY!

        • Hola amigo.

          There is something called sarcasm.

          • Basima Rabie

            You weren’t sarcastic, you were deliberately ambiguous so you can then blame it on sarcasm.

          • Basima Rabie

            You stink at sarcasm.

          • Hola amigo.

            Say you, sarcasm is not for everyone, not everyone gets it, you are one of those people, apparently. Usually Yehudi hate it, or autistic folks, you say you’re not Yehudi, so I’ll assume you’re autistic.

          • Basima Rabie

            Sarcasm uses certain language features not contained in your remark. I’m actually neither Yehudi (abhorrent insult to me), nor autistic. In fact, a Palestinian and applied linguist. Sarcasm cannot be mistaken. It is when a speaker says one thing which is meaningless unless it implicates only the opposite meaning (Grice, 1975/1989a, 34). But, what you said was not meaningless nor did it imply only the opposite meaning. Therefore, you stink at sarcasm. It is the speaker’s/writer’s responsibility to convey their message. If they fail, it is not the listener’s/reader’s fault.

          • Hola amigo.

            Sarcasm is making an absurd over the top assertion, also tongue in cheek, hyperbole, but I digress.

        • Hola amigo.

          You do know what sarcasm is, right?

          • Basima Rabie

            Oh, right. Now you’re claiming to have been sarcastic. Never ever responsible for anything you do or say, right? Always someone or something else to blame. Get off this site you Israeli paid troll.

      • Basima Rabie

        What God? Israelis worship the devil. That’s what Zionism is. True history is Palestinians never left that peice if land since time immemorial. Jewish origin was in Yemen. Saudi just destroy Yemen for all you genocidal misfits. So, why don’t you go there where Saudi will eventually, to the world’s true relief, truly exterminate you vermin of the world.

        • Hola amigo.

          Well, the trolls in Tel Aviv might be right about one thing, you’re an idiot, that would be the only thing I would agree on with them…..Other than that, they’ll have their day of reckoning, a second 70AD 9th of T’AV awaits them.

          • Basima Rabie

            Learn how to be sarcastic. How do you know trolls and what they think if you weren’t one.

          • Hola amigo.

            That’s where the Talmud says He is, but how could you believe Yehudi about anything?

          • Basima Rabie

            You are an idiot aren’t you? “That’s what they believe”. I never said I believed it

          • Hola amigo.

            It’s ok, I understand, you are essentially a functioning autistic person, possibly highly gifted, but incapable of understanding nuance and sarcasm, it’s ok, you don’t need to feel ashamed, everyone has their cross to bear, look on the bright side, at least you’re not Yehudi.

          • Hola amigo.

            If you believe anything the Yehudi say, you might as well shoot yourself.

  • Gill Kennard

    When will the world deal with these terrorists? Semite attacking Semite, except that one group has all the power while the other is helpless even to put out the fires the terrorists set.

    • Ros

      It’s Banker backed rich European, (who isn’t allowed to be criticised ever, whatever they do, be it burn families whilst they sleep). versus true Semite

  • cactuspie

    Sounds like Itmar is a good place for a drone strike. Don’t forget the double tap.

  • Liam Griffin

    Doesn’t look like a farm. What were they growing? Maybe they have photos with crops in them?

    • Neil P

      As the article says, citrus trees.

  • Melissa

    Some idiot said “if Palestine is so bad , why don’t they move’, uhhhhhhh they can’t. They are not allowed to leave for college scholarships. Israel controls every breath they take.

  • Lynx

    Shame on the Palestinian Administration’s president Mahmud Abbas and his gangsters of the PLO! They work together with the Israeli occupation forces in matters of security but don’t defend Palestinian property against Zionist aggression. They fulfill the Zionist’s wishes to pretend a peace process, because as long as they do that, they get aid money from the EU to let flow a great deal of it in their own pockets.

  • Seoigh

    Waiting for the hasbarabots to defend this kind of terrorism ……

  • Vincenzo Ferretti

    Fake news. They’re trying to contain a brush fire.

  • stellaDella

    And jews wonder why they are, most likely, the most hated group ever!