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Israel's nuclear scientists strike, Cabinet orders them back to work

Image of a nuclear power plant [Tennessee Valley Authority/Wikipedia]
Nuclear power plant [Tennessee Valley Authority/Wikipedia]

The Israeli Cabinet approved new emergency regulations to force nuclear scientists who are taking industrial action to go back to work at the country's top secret Dimona nuclear plant.

The workers had gone on a slowdown strike demanding new contracts which would include increases in their wages, Israeli media reported.

Haaretz newspaper described the current strike as "an exceptional move".

"As part of the slowdown, the scientists are delaying new development plans, have stopped issuing safety licenses for the reactors and have even halted operating a vital and sensitive part of the installation," Haaretz added.

In light of these developments, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to take an exceptional step and pass new emergency regulations which would allow the court to issue a back-to-work order.

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