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Iraq MP: ‘Armed militias pose a threat to the state’

August 29, 2017 at 9:25 am

Image of Iraqi Parliamentary Speaker Salim al-Jabouri [Murtadha Sudani /Anadolu Agency]

The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jabouri called for the need to fight what he called “armed militias and gangs” stressing that they are a “threat” to the security and stability of the state.

Speaking at a news conference yesterday, Al-Jabouri said: “Whatever is the affiliation and agenda of armed militias and criminal gangs, they pose a threat to the security and stability of the state and must therefore be confronted and fought.”

He added that “Daesh was defeated and became powerless in Iraq, and what was achieved by Iraqi forces in Tal Afar is a major accomplishment.” According to the official, Iraq “has regained its position in decision-making at the Arab and regional levels.”

On 20 August, Iraqi forces launched an attack to restore Tal Afar district, some 65 kilometres west of Mosul, as part of a US-backed campaign against Daesh that still holds control over areas in western Iraq and eastern Syria.

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Since then, Iraqi forces have been able to restore the city of Tal Afar and most of the areas surrounding it in a “rapid and unexpected” manner, according to statements made by Iraqi security leaders.