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Israel and UAE are normalising relations

September 8, 2017 at 3:22 pm

Normalisation between the UAE and Israel is ongoing via secret and public channels and through the Emirati Ambassador to Washington, Yousef Al-Otaiba, Wikileaks has exposed.

Relations between the two countries have strengthened since the opening of the International Renewable Energy Agency in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

In 2010 the UAE hosted the Israeli Judo team and Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh was assassinated in Dubai with the cooperation of Mossad.

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Abu Dhabi prevents the Palestinian flag from being raised in public places and official institutions. The friendship between the UAE and Israel is growing; they are partnered in economic projects, military exercises, and air travel.

Abu Dhabi has become an important hub for the occupation’s security, intelligence, and trade operations in the Arab world. An agreement has made between the UAE and Israeli security company, AGT, in order to provide protection for oil and gas facilities in exchange for financial returns. The agreement includes the establishment of a CCT network in Abu Dhabi.

Shehab news agency also reported that the Emirati air force participated in the American military exercises known as Exercise Red Flag in 2016, and another held in Greece this year.