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Nidaa Tounes to elect leaders after municipal elections

September 8, 2017 at 8:34 pm

Nidaa Tounes’ Vice President Hafedh Caid Essebsi [Nesma TV]

Nidaa Tounes’ recent cabinet reshuffle is evidence that the party has regained power and is proof that it will remain the main political force in the country, the party’s Vice President Hafedh Caid Essebsi said today.

In a post on Facebook Essebsi wrote: “Nidaa has now become the main party and the backbone of the political equation and stability.”

He pointed out that his party had “a central and pivotal role in saving the many crisis situations in the country and succeeded in changing the political map and adjusting the balance of power despite the fragility of that stage, which in itself is a historic achievement.”

Essebsi pointed out that his party’s vision of the radical ministerial reshuffle was part of their understanding of the conditions that should be available for the benefit of effectiveness, efficiency and consistency in the government’s work for the welfare of the Tunisian people.

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“It is not realistic to accomplish these tasks without complying with the choices of the Tunisian people expressed in the October 2014 elections when they gave their confidence to the Nidaa Tunis party as the party that won the elections. This requires respect for this popular will and respect for the democratic process to which we should not turn our backs,” he added.

“Nidaa Tounes will work through its position in the parliament and the National Unity Government to save Tunisia from poverty, terrorism, corruption and division, as well as to restore the economic machinery and to accelerate progress and promote stability, democracy and to face challenges.”

Essebsi announced: “The Nidaa party will concentrate immediately after the upcoming municipal elections in December on the renewal of democratic electoral legitimacy by conducting and organising an election conference to restructure and renew the party as well as political legitimacy in preparation for the upcoming legislative elections.”