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Sudan slams Egypt’s attempt to include disputed region on its map

Map of Halayeb Triangle, a territory disputed by Egypt and Sudan [Google Map]
Map of Halayeb Triangle, a territory disputed by Egypt and Sudan [Google Map]

Sudan has objected to an attempt by Egypt to include the disputed Halayeb triangle area in its map during a meeting of Arab officials in Qatar recently, a senior official said.

The Director General of the Sudan National Survey Authority, Abdullah Al-Sadiq, said Khartoum has objected to a presentation by the director of the Egyptian Survey Authority in which the disputed area was included in the map of Egypt.

Al-Sadiq said he had interrupted the Egyptian official during his presentation and told him that the map includes part of Sudan with an area of 25,000 square kilometres and which is inhabited by Sudanese people and does not have any Egyptian citizens.

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Earlier this month, the Sudanese government called on Egypt to accept international arbitration to resolve the dispute over the Halayeb triangle.

The triangle in located on the African side of the Red Sea and has three major towns, Halayeb, Abu Ramad and Shalatin. It is politically and administratively affiliated with Egypt.

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