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Knesset report: Israel army not ready for war

Soldiers and tanks belonging to the Israeli Army [file photo]
Soldiers and tanks belonging to the Israeli Army [File photo]

The Israeli Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee warned of the army’s inability to wage a new war or to face a military confrontation.

The parliamentary committee issued a report “warning that the army is not ready enough for war,” according to the Hebrew Channel 2.

It is expected that the report, which it described as “strongly worded”, will be sent to the Knesset next week to discuss its content, as it includes a warning of serious gaps in the readiness of the Israeli army to face a future military confrontation, the Hebrew channel clarified.

The channel said that the report was signed by the chairman of the committee, Likud MK, Avi Dichter, and Yesh Atid MK, Ofer Shelah. It also explained that only a small part of the report will be published, as it includes classified information related to failures in the preparation of Israel’s army and holds the government accountable for the lack of guidance.

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The Israeli army announced last Thursday the end of the largest military exercise on the northern border with Lebanon, in anticipation of a war with Hezbollah.

The spokesman for the army announced that it conducted manoeuvres this morning near the border of the Gaza Strip.

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