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Russia sends Yemeni bank notes to south Yemen

Yemeni bank note [The Old Currency Exchange/Facebook]

Russia is creating Yemeni bank notes, RT Arabic reported yesterday, to pay the salaries of officials in the country.

The bank notes were printed in Moscow, dispatched yesterday and are heading for Aden International Airport. A source confirmed to RT that the "batch of printed paper will be transferred to the central bank in the city, and will be paid as salaries for the army and security forces in the provinces in Yemen".

A contract between the Yemeni government and a Russian printing company has ordered 400 billion Yemeni royals to be printed to push back liquidity in Yemen.

The name of the Russian printing company is not currently known.

Russia has a strong relationship with President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, the internationally recognised president of Yemen. Russia previously offered to be a political mediator to the conflict back in June.

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