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Director of Mossad: 'we carry out thousands of operations in the enemy countries every year'

October 3, 2017 at 4:15 am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad Director Yossi Cohen spoke in a brief and vague manner about the operations of Mossad, at a ceremony to honour operative from the organization, Monday.

Israeli media quoted Netanyahu as saying to Mossad agents: “I salute you for your initiative, courage, professionalism, planning and implementation.” He went on “there are campaigns and intelligence operations that provide a counter attack to the central threats we are dealing with.” He also pointed out that the Mossad coordinates its actions with other Israeli security forces.

Mossad Director, Yossi Cohen spoke about the Mossad’s directing the activity focus against Iran’s “renewed threats” and its military presence in Syria, in addition to the focus on the Lebanese and Palestinian context, especially the two movements of Hamas and Hezbollah and against their missile production, as well as against Daesh.

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Cohen also said “The Mossad is strengthening its interior structure, along with new capabilities in order to face the future challenges, and the advanced technology in the intelligence systems, and to build human force and resources. We are working on all of this in order to be prepared for the challenges we might face by our capabilities to secretly carry out the Mossad’s operational force for many years ahead.”

Cohen added, “We carry out hundreds and thousands of operations every year, some of them are complicated and daring in the heart of the enemy countries, which are the target countries.”