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‘There is no Palestine’ – Israeli incitement, rejectionism & anti-Palestinian racism

Senior Israeli officials who are against a two-state solution

‘There is no Palestine’ Israeli incitement, rejectionism & anti-Palestinian racism - Ben White

Anti-Palestinian incitement and racism can be found throughout Israeli society, from football matches and op-ed pages, to universities and the highest levels of elected office. The dehumanisation of Palestinians and rejection of their basic rights flows from, and has provided justification for, decades of settler-colonialism and occupation.

Palestinians are portrayed routinely by Israeli politicians, academics and religious leaders as barbaric, a “demographic threat” and a “problem” to bemanaged. This affects public attitudes; according to one study, 60,000 active Israeli social media users posted at least one racist item against Arabs in 2016, at a rate of one post every 46 seconds.

This factsheet is just the tip of the iceberg, with a focus on the rhetoric of government ministers and officials – from various political parties – in recentyears. While Palestinians are routinely jailed by the Israeli authorities on the grounds of anti-occupation “incitement”, there is clearly impunity for anti-Palestinian racism both in Israel itself and, regrettably, on the part of Israel’s friends and allies.

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  • Seoigh

    What is most outrageous is that you people are so ignorant not to point out that nearly havlf the countries in the world have been established in the last one hundred years, Israel being one of them and then to turn around and deny self determination to a country that is recognized by over one hundred and thirty countries (only about twenty less than recognize Israel ). There is nothing in international law that says a country has to have existed prior to be established now, ignorance and bigotry all around , kudos mark…