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Sudan: Ready to re-delineate maritime border with Saudi Arabia

Members of the Sudanese Army on 18 March 2011 [UNAMID/Flickr]
Members of the Sudanese Army on 18 March 2011 [UNAMID/Flickr]

Sudanese Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Information Ahmed Bilal Othman said his country is ready to re-delineate its maritime border with Saudi Arabia, Okaz newspaper reported.

During his meeting with a number of members of the Saudi Journalists’ Association in Riyadh, Othman said that the political climate between Saudi Arabia and Sudan is at its best. He pointed out that the next stage would be to work on re-delineating the maritime borders, adding that the Red Sea contains resources for future generations.

Othman confirmed that the Sudanese people would be ready to defend Saudi Arabia whenever needed and said that they would be “either killers or killed” to defend Saudi territories.

Sudan has joined the Saudi-led coalition fighting against the Houthis in Yemen.

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The Sudanese forces are the largest Arab forces that are involved in ground battles in direct confrontations against the Houthis. They played an important role in resolving a number of battles, especially in the coastal and southern areas, and suffered losses of soldiers and officers.

Earlier this month, Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir praised Saudi Arabia’s role in lifting US economic sanctions that have been imposed on his country for 20 years.

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