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Italy deports Egyptian lady for Daesh links

Daesh flag
Daesh flag, 30 March 2017 [SpuntnikInt/Twitter]

The Italian Interior Ministry has deported a 22-year-old Egyptian lady for planning to carry out terrorist operations in Rome on behalf of Daesh.

"Interior Minister Marco Minniti has signed an order to expel Egyptian citizen Fatima Fahmi Ashraf Shawqi, 22, for reasons related to state security," the ministry said in a statement.

"Investigations revealed that the woman, who was born in Giza, Egypt, lived in the area of Grazolio, in the southwestern suburbs of Milan, with her parents and three younger brothers."

The statement pointed out that Shawqi "was unemployed while investigations showed that through her contacts via the internet, she expressed her intention to go to areas controlled by Daesh to contribute to the fight within its ranks."

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It added that her identity has been verified on social network sites under the name of Umm Ayyub, through which she contacted a leader in Damascus called Abdullah Hassanein Al-Najjar asking him to facilitate her access to Syria.

After finding out that it was not possible to make the trip to Syria, she expressed readiness, as evidenced by her contacts on the instant messaging software Telegram, "to carry out a suicide attack in Italy".

"These reasons led Interior Minister Marco Minniti to take the decision to expel her on the basis of data from the Counterterrorism Department and the intelligence services," the statement concluded.

The statement did not explain where Shawqi was expelled to or when.

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