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Morsi tells lawyer of threats to his life

Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsi and 21 other defendants attend a court session behind a cage at the Cairo Police Academy in Cairo, Egypt on August 06, 2017 [Mostafa El-Shemy / Anadolu Agency]
Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsi at a court session behind a cage in Cairo, Egypt on 6 August 2017 [Mostafa El-Shemy / Anadolu Agency]

Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has told his lawyer of threats to his life, Anadolu reported on Tuesday. Morsi made the disclosure during his lawyer's secret visit to the prison where the former President is being held.

According to Anadolu, Cairo Criminal Court has decided that Morsi should have a monthly medical examination. This is the first time that he has been allowed to have such an examination since he was sentenced. The court also allowed Morsi's defence team to meet him for the first time in a visit that was kept secret from the media. No details were provided to journalists.

In June, reported Anadolu, Morsi is said to have fainted twice and fallen into a full diabetic coma but he did not receive any proper medical treatment. The former President's son, Ahmed, said that his father had asked for a meeting with his defence team in order to inform them such "threats to his life".

Although Anadolu got no response to its request for a comment from the Egyptian authorities, it noted that the government in Cairo always claims that it offers proper treatment for inmates.

Morsi was Egypt's first freely-elected President when he was ousted by the army led by General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in 2013 and sent to prison. He has since been sentenced to death, plus 20 years and 25 years in prison, on various charges. Some of the sentences have been cancelled and he awaits a re-trial on the charges which led to the original death penalty judgement.

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