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UAE and Israel are like ‘brothers’ says senior general 

The UAE and Israel are like brothers, said one of Abu Dhabi’s senior military general.

During an interview with an American news agency Defence & Aerospace Report, Staff Major General, Pilot Abdullah Al-Hashmi, answered questions about UAE military capability.

Al-Hashmi said that that US should have no concerns about arming the UAE because the Emirates seeks to become not just an ally but “the strategic ally” of the US. Relations between the two countries is a “win-win situation …. because when you build the UAE capability you are building the USA capability,” he explained

Later in the interview, Al-Hashmi was asked if increasing UAE military capability was a threat to Israel is any way. The General implied that the two countries are like brothers and that the USA was like the “older brother” who can oversee any differences the two countries may have.

“If there is a solution between Israel and Arab, or Palestine, it’s going to be done on the table because I don’t think we are a threat to Israel nor we think Israel is a threat on UAE.”

He continued to explain: “Because we understand that like we are allies of the United State, Israel is an ally of the United States and we have like a big brother.”

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  • Ld_Elon_Postman_RoyalMale

    Yeah they KNOW, now, that’s the PROBLEM.

  • Misterioso

    A real dumb and traitorous move.

  • Abdirahman Mohamed

    This is outcome of so-call Arab spring. Today all vassals are proud of their colors. Why Arabs were defeated in June 1967? Fifty years later everything clear.

  • Ali Gohar


  • Kelly Kelly

    Cain and Abel were brothers too,

    • As were Isaac and Ishmael, along with Jacob and Esau.

  • Zed Rabari

    Yes as a Muslim peacenik I agree, Israel can become brothers to all Muslims, but only as soon as they recognize a Free and independent and sovereign state of Palestine, I would like to see nothing better, but I think the General needs to slow down on the syrupy language right now.

    • Lion Heart

      Zed Rabbani.
      Israel has already declared their final goal:
      1. Palestinians leave their lands & home and go to Jordan
      2. Surrender Al Aqsa mosque & Jerusalem to Israel
      3. Those Palestinians who are living in refuges camps in Lebanon and Jordan should not dream of going back to their home land.
      What are you going to do about it?

      • Zed Rabari

        I’m going to pray to my Creator, the Creator of everything in existence to help the Palestinians, let’s see who is stronger.

  • Salaama Haashi

    I think Arabs specialy qalij owned by Sraelis and America last 10 years arabis dont know how to say no something wrong from Srael and America

  • Shahid Khan


  • Do most of UAE’s people support Israel though?