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Israel raises alert levels on Egypt border

Israel raised its level or alert along the Egypt border due to Cairos ongoing battles with Daesh in Sinai, Israeli media reported yesterday.

According to Al-Mesryoon, the Israeli Hebrew news website Wallah reported that Israel also raised its alert levels on the borders with Sinai due to fears that Islamic Jihad may respond to the Israeli bombing of a tunnel in Gaza last month.

The Israeli news website said that the Israeli army unit, which is responsible for securing the southern borders, carried out special preparations among a number of its different sectors, fearing possible attacks from the Egyptian side.

It also said that the Israeli intelligence services had recalled special staff to collect information about the latest developments in Sinai.

Sources told Wallah that the Israelis living near the borders with Egypt are afraid due to Daesh’s threat to attack Israel, stressing that Islamic Jihad might attack Israel from Sinai.

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