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Yemen FM: ‘Iranian regime has pushed too far through its proxy, the Houthis’

Image of Yemeni Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Abdelmalik Al-Mikhlafi [YouTube]
Yemeni Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Abdulmalik Al-Mekhlafi [YouTube]

Yemen’s foreign minister told the Arab League in Cairo that “the Iran regime has pushed too far through its proxy, the Houthis, in annihilating Yemenis,” SABA reported.

Iran “supplied the Houthi militias with all types of weapons … which enabled them to overrun the country’s capital and on their way detonate residences, schools, places of worship and public and private facilities,” Abdul-Malik Al-Mekhlafi said.

“Firing the ballistic missiles toward Riyadh and the bombing of oil pipeline in Bahrain are all dangerous developments emanating from the Iranian agenda,” Al-Mekhlafi continued.

The Houthi group are allied with forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and have taken control of vast swathes of territory from northern Yemen to Sana’a since 2014 leading the country into a civil war.

Currently at a stalemate, the civil war is now witnessing a Saudi-led coalition blockade which is further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Iran has dismissed allegations that it armed the Houthis with ballistic missiles.

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  • X-Slave USA

    Abdul-Malik Al-Mekhlafi is not really Yemen’s Foreign Minister because he is living in Saudi Arab with the rest of Yemen’s so-called recognized government. He and the rest of his colleagues in Yemen’s so-called government are no more than stooges of Saudi Arabia and Zionist Israel.

  • Is there evidence that Tehran is actively sponsoring the Houthis though? I know the two practice the same branch of Islam and are against Saudi Arabia, but is Iran really funding them?