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Rabbi calls for ‘finishing off’ wounded Palestinians

Jewish rabbi, Rabbi Baruch Marzel [Suara Palestina News Agency/Facebook]

A Jewish rabbi urged Israeli occupation forces to “finish off” wounded Palestinians who carry out resistance attacks and to refrain from providing them with medical treatment or first aid, leaving them to bleed to death.

The right-wing Rabbi Baruch Marzel, who lives in an illegal settlement in Hebron, claims that “since the Elor Azariya affair terrorists are not killed and soldiers do not finish the job and do not make sure that the terrorist is dead.”

However, the facts on the ground indicate that Israelis have been continuously targeting unarmed Palestinians. The most recent incident was when a member of the Givati Brigade killed a young Palestinian man, Mohammed Musa, 29, and left him to bleed to death. His sister Latifa Musa, 33, was wounded, which forced the brigade’s leadership in the occupied West Bank to reprimand the soldier and dismiss another officer.

Elor Azaria shot Abdul Fattah Al-Sharif as he lay motionless on the floor in occupied Hebron on 24 March 2016. After pulling the trigger Azaria said: “He deserved to die.”

Marzel also told Israel’s Channel 7: “The terrorist is evacuated by [Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency medical service] MDA to our hospitals and receives treatment for hundreds of thousands of shekels alongside the wounded Jew. The time has come for the Israeli government to stop humiliating its victims and the people of Israel. The terrorist must not be treated. A terrorist must die as soon as he comes to harm Jews.”

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  • Tzimmes

    You are not being totally truthful ,he called for the killing of terror attackers not “ resistance attackers “.No more than Muslims would want. If one is a Jihadi isn’t the point to die for Islam.? Jewish Rabbi ? What other kind of Rabbi is there ?

  • asafaq

    Every terrorist that emerges with intent to murder human beings because they’re Christians/Jews/Idollors/Atheists belongs in the ground dead. There is no rehabilitation for them, they spread their madness in jail, they’re not worth the millions spent on jailing and monitoring them.
    It also goes in par with their own creed to disappear from this world into nothingness.

  • Shahid Khan

    Jews are the biggest terrorists.

    • asafaq

      Wallahi Ahmad, who in the world is scared of Jews and who is scared of Islamist rapers and murderers?

  • tljanssen

    Israel should be blown to smithereens. In love with their victim hood and use it as an excuse to act like the 3rd Reich.

  • tony