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Fatah calls for new intifada in support of Jerusalem

Palestinians celebrate the removal of Israeli security measures at the entrances to Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound in Jerusalem, on 27 July 2017 [Mahmoud İbrahem/Anadolu Agency]
Palestinians hold flags outside the the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound in Jerusalem, on 27 July 2017 [Mahmoud İbrahem/Anadolu Agency]

Fatah yesterday called on Palestinians to support Jerusalem as news has circulated that the US is to announce it the capital of Israel and would move its embassy there, Quds Net reported.

The movement called on the international community to work to undermine the “frenzied” US plan.

In a statement, Fatah said: “This fierce and systematic attack on Jerusalem, which is being launched by Israel… This attack seeks to erase the Arabic and Islamic existence in the city and Judaise it, as well as change the geographic and demographic reality in a way that serves the expansionist Israeli interests.”

The statement added: “Jerusalem is the gate to war and peace. Continuous escalation against its Arabic identity is considered an alarm of war and this abandons all international agreements and conventions.”

Such an American step, the statement said, gives a “political and legal legitimacy” to the occupation and “enables it to control the holy sites without any observer”.

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  • Kaminoyona

    How brainwashed are these people to believe the blatant lies from Fatah?

    Why did you not make a stink like this when Russia recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

    Jerusalem was never yours ,Arabs and Islam are the invader.

  • asghar kamal

    Israel is a quake state it can’t survive for all the time happy despite the present good time.Every brutal and unjust entity ends itself with time, not by external power but by own brutal roles.Long live Palestine

    • Kaminoyona

      This must be why your “pals” always lose,they are evil incarnate.

      • Asaf Khan

        Israel’s flag is based on the Star of David remember the story of David and Goliath you may think you are strong and powerful
        Because it is a big state but just wait and fear what an ordinary single palestian can do and it will bring the down fall of the Zionist state for sure. The appropriate word being Inshallah

  • abu antar

    The Arab world is tired of the unsolved Palestinian statehood.Yes, it is important to pretend on the outside, that the Palestinian cause is oh so dear to our hearts. Most of us who are old enough to have lived in the past 5 decades, know otherwise.
    Since 1948, the Arab brotherhood is nothing more than lip service. We fought one another in EACH and every Arab country,sometime in the past 70 years.I remember all too well, the Egyptian army gassing the population in Yemen.Sadam Hussein was only a junior jahsh then.His lesson was, do what you want-the world doesn’t give a fly faq for Arab lives.
    We, the Arabs in independent Arab countries, belittle the Palestinians living among us, day in/day out. No equal rights to third generation born Lebanese, Qatar, Jordanians, Syrian etc.Do any one of us dare criticize? No. Its in our best interest to keep our brothers and sisters in dire squalor. It looks good in the media and occupies our attention enough to ignore our internal problems.
    Following The Arab Peace Initiative ,Beirut 2002, i wrote that this is a breakthrough, though not a final solution but a good start.120,000 Jewish settlers were living in independent Palestine to be. I warned that every passing day, increases the Jewish population by a few more dozens a day.. Now the number is so mind boggling, there is no way half a mil Jews will evacuate.I say this, relying on Fatah declaration that not one Jew will live in independent Palestine.
    I read yesterday in Lebanese newspapers, quotes from the king of Jordan and Abu Gheit such as “It would also inflame Muslim and Christian feelings, the king added.””given the danger of this matter,(moving the American embassy) if it were to happen, and the possible negative consequences not only for the situation in Palestine but also for the Arab and Islamic region.”.Anyone notice something is missing? no mention of Al Quds being holy also to Christians and Jews. No matter what one’s personal feelings towards Jews are, you can not ignore their spiritual connection .Once again, we sin the sin of vanity,display hard lines that can not be accomplished (well yes, we all “support” the Palestinian fight till the last one standing).
    A good business deal, is a deal where both sides feel as winners.Those who reject pragmatism will surely see more Palestinian generations living worse than farm animals and less dignity.

    • Kaminoyona

      Glad you admit that the “pals” are a made up agenda.

      The bottom line however is that these Arabs made their own bed when they refused their own state in order to commit genocide on the Jews in the new state of Israel.

      It is nobody else’s fault that these Arabs are suffering.
      When you make your bed you have to sleep in it,these Arabs made their bed with bed bugs and shi† stains.

      • abu antar

        Palestinians are not “pals”.They are a distinct society with heritage and rights.
        They deserve a piece of land to call home, live in security,dignity, make a living, raise children and acquire education in order to better themselves.just as you and anyone else