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What next after Bin Salman has ordered Abbas to surrender to Israel?

Crown Prince and Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud attends a Shoura Council meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 13 December 2017 [Bandar Algaloud/Saudi Kingdom Council/Anadolu Agency]

Saudi Arabia and Israel represent a twin threat to the Arab world. Both states have long received the military and political backing of the world’s sole remaining superpower, the United States of America; the regimes of both states abuse human rights, have committed war crimes and discriminate against their own citizens. Both, however, are considered by American elites to be useful for the project of retaining US hegemony in the Middle East, albeit in different ways.

Support for Israel is also considered to be a religious duty by the powerful sector of US politicians and voters hailing from the fundamentalist evangelical right. This tendency considers Christian Zionism to be a top priority – if not the number one priority – in US foreign policy.

US support for the Saudi dictatorship is less religious in nature; it’s more about ensuring access for US companies to the region’s vast oil wealth. Any kind of democratic government in the Arabian Peninsula, after all, is extremely unlikely to want to continue under US vassal status, and would also be a threat to Israeli military and political dominance.

Despite support for Israel coming from many of the region’s dictatorships, the ordinary people across the Arab world overwhelmingly reject the apartheid regime’s treatment of the Palestinians. It is this factor that – even in a total despotism like Saudi Arabia – makes it hard for the dictators to recognise Israel formally. Recent moves between Saudi Arabia and Israel to enter an alliance – seemingly everything short of diplomatic recognition – thus consolidate two US imperial interests.

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Another regional vassal of the US is the so-called Palestinian Authority. More accurately, it is a kind of sub-vassal. The PA has no independent authority to speak of; it is a vassal’s vassal, designed from the beginning in the mid-1990s to impede legitimate Palestinian resistance to Israel’s military occupation.

The authority is thus a Palestinian puppet regime; a sub-contractor for the occupation. Its dictatorial leader is “President” Mahmoud Abbas, whose four-year term as president expired years ago. He believes that his deeply unpopular “security coordination” with the Israeli army is a “sacred duty”.

The repression of Palestinian resistance efforts is by no means restricted to arresting fighters engaged in armed struggle, such as those in the armed wing of Hamas. Abbas’s security forces also lock up journalists critical of his policies, as well as grassroots activists who advocate non-violent resistance; people like Issa Amro, for example. As with other dictators, Abbas sees telling the truth as a “security threat”.

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However, even Abbas can only go so far. As my colleague at The Electronic Intifada Omar Karmi put it in a recent analysis, if Abbas were to step down voluntarily, it would be widely welcomed among Palestinians. His unpopularity means that he has to be careful that Palestinian protests do not overthrow him. Despite the popular desire not to cause more rifts in the Palestinian political scene, the PA’s insistence on placing itself quite literally in front of Israel’s occupation to protect it from popular protest and armed resistance alike, leads inevitably to confrontations with Palestinians across the occupied West Bank.

No matter how many concessions Abbas makes to the occupier and its US sponsor, though, they are never enough. The PA is in a sort of violent agreement with Israel, but there are boundaries beyond which it cannot go lest it risk an overflow of popular wrath.

People attend a demonstration against US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, at the Times Square in New York City, United States on December 09, 2017 [Mohammed Elshamy / Anadolu Agency]

People attend a demonstration against US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, at the Times Square in New York City, US on 9 December 2017 [Mohammed Elshamy / Anadolu Agency]

Trump’s stance in favour of handing Jerusalem over to Israel seems to be just one such boundary. In an “exclusive” article, Haaretz headlined apparently shocking comments from a “top Palestinian diplomat” that the “two-state solution is over” after Trump’s Jerusalem speech, and that the PA would now “strive for ‘historic Palestine, from the river to the sea’.”

The liberal Zionist newspaper made it sound like an absolute game-changer. However, when you look at the actual quote from Saeb Erekat, the sad fact is that it seems as if the PA will continue to flog the long-dead horse that is the “peace process” with its “two-state solution”, despite Trump’s belligerence. It will also continue to indulge the fiction that the US is an “honest broker” even though its president and political establishment side openly with Israel and its crimes.


The Haaretz headline missed some of the context and nuance of what Erekat actually said: “Trump has delivered a message to the Palestinian people: the two-state solution is over.” (Emphasis added.) He didn’t declare definitively that the PA would no longer negotiate on that basis.

Erekat and other PA officials have been warning us for years about the end of the two-state solution, and that the Palestinians may instead seek one state between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea. For example, in February, the veteran negotiator said, “We want to tell those who want to bury and destroy the two-state solution that the real alternative to a Palestinian state living alongside an Israeli one on the 1967 lines is a democratic, secular state where Jews, Christians and Muslims can live together.” Unfortunately, the record of the PA in this regard is one of using the issue of a unified democratic state as the spectre at the feast in a feeble attempt to beg for more crumbs that might fall from the “peace process” table.

It is already probable that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has ordered Abbas to surrender to Israel, so what happens next? If, as seems highly likely, the Saudis and the US continue to push for that to happen, the result is more likely to be the collapse of the PA altogether, rather than a Palestinian state of any shape, size or description. That is the sort of warning that Erekat and his colleagues in the PA should be concerned about.

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  • DEADP00L

    That man is not fit to be King much less custodian of the two mosques. Jerusalem is not for sale and Abbas doesnt answer to him he answers to the Palestinian people.

    • Kaminoyona

      Your Arabs already refused Jerusalem in 1948 when they refused their own state to start a war,so what is their actual claim to that city?

      • DEADP00L

        Palestinians did not refuse anything. Jerusalem was NEVER bartered to anyone not even Jews back in 1948 ever wanted Jerusalem divided let alone contested. You have absolutely no clue just what a disgrace you are compared to them.

        • peepsqueek

          In 1948, Jordan illegally occupied Jerusalem and ethnically cleansed the Old City of every last Jew. There is more than enough evidence of this. Nor do I feel I need to prove to you that Jordan closed off the Holy Sites of all faiths except Islam, blew up synagogues and used their stones and Jewish gravestones as urinals. The “only” time Jewish people have been prohibited from living in the territories in recent decades was during Jordan’s rule from 1948 to 1967.

          It is important to note that the first enduring Jewish agricultural settlement in the Modern Palestine was founded not by European refugees, but by a group of old-time families, leaving the overcrowded Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. According to the Turkish census of 1875, by that time Jews already constituted a majority of the population of Jerusalem and by 1905 comprised two-thirds of its citizens. The Encyclopedia Britanica of 1910 gives the population figure as 60,000, of who 40,000 were Jews.

          In 1878 they found the village of Petah Tikva in the Sharon Palin, a village that was to become known as the “Mother of Jewish Settlements” in Palestine. Four years later a group of pioneer immigrants from Russia settled in Rishon le-Zion. Other villages followed in rapid succession. All land sales, under the Ottoman Empire, had to be approved by Islamic Courts. Non Muslims paid extra taxes therefore it was good business. Who are you going to blame this history. No one can undo all the injustices or perceived injustices of history.

          Most of the land purchases involved large tracts belonging to absentee owners. Virtually all of the the Jerzeel Valley, for example, had belonged to only two people in 1897, the eastern portion to the Turkish Sultan, and the Western part to a rich banker in Syria, Sursuk the Greek. Most of the land had not be cultivated previously and considered uncultivable, This is supported by the Peel Commission Report.

          • DEADP00L

            Everyone illegally occupied Palestine. Everyone blew it up. Everyone including Jewish Palestinians were desecrating Jerusalem. Or are we seriously going to start forgetting Lehi and other Zionist militias they joined that blew up hotels, mosques and used Synagogues as weapons storage?

            They even demolished the structures Salahaddin constructed himself after he liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders. Completely destroyed by them. That’s what Ashkenasim did to Jerusalem. It obliterated the footprints of every ancient Jew, Christian and Muslim that ever walked in Jerusalem, systematically.

            Palestinians were not the ones occupying their own motherland. They were the ONLY ones trying to save it from colonial invasion while being betrayed by their own fellow Palestinian Jews who decided Ashkenazim had more claim than their own Palestinian lineages that could trace their families 8 to 9 generations in the Holy Land.

            They live up to Judas in every way and nothing like Jesus.

          • peepsqueek

            Stop the BS! -Lehi only lasted a few years and broke up when Israel became a legitimate state in 1948.

            The King David Hotel was the site of the British military command and the British Criminal Investigation Division. The Irgun chose it as a target after British troops invaded the Jewish Agency June 29, 1946, and confiscated large quantities of documents. At about the same time, more than 2,500 Jews from all over Palestine were placed under arrest. The information about Jewish Agency operations, including intelligence activities in Arab countries, was taken to the King David Hotel. The Irgun warned them that they were going to target the headquarters, but the British ignored the warning.

            Irgun leader Menachem Begin stressed his desire to avoid civilian casualties and said three telephone calls were placed, one to the hotel, another to the French Consulate, and a third to the Palestine Post (a Jewish newspaper), warning that explosives in the King David Hotel would soon be detonated.

            On July 22, 1946, the calls were made. The call into the hotel was apparently received and ignored. Begin quotes one British official who supposedly refused to evacuate the building, saying: “We don’t take orders from the Jews.” As a result, when the bombs exploded, the casualty toll was high: a total of 91 killed and 45 injured. Among the casualties were 15 Jews. Few people in the hotel proper were injured by the blast.

          • DEADP00L

            Lehi and other groups BECAME THE GOVERNMENT. Every-single- ‘founding father was a member of either Lehi or other terrorist organizations.

            Full stop.

          • peepsqueek

            Lehi’s goals were the liberation of the land of Israel by waging war against the British Empire and complete withdrawal of Britain from Palestine with no more than a few hundred fighters and meagerly armed. Whose side were you on? And why? Keep in mind that no other Country was willing to save the Jews from so much slaughter in the 20th century, that is why some Jews were willing to fight so hard for a national homeland and their holiest City. How did other territories gain independent statehood? There were only 53 independent states in the year 1900, and within 50 years we had 190 independent states. One of them is the tiny State of Israel, and that pisssses you off. The Jews of Israel are the only ethnic and religious minority in the entire Middle East and North Africa with the full right of self determination.

            Let me ask you a few questions because I don’t want you to be a hypocrite— What is your cultural heritage and whose land are you living on, and how was that land acquired???

          • DEADP00L

            There was no Israel there was Palestine and Palestinian Jews betrayed it.

          • peepsqueek

            The Qur’an recognizes the Land of Israel (which includes the West Bank) as the heritage of the Jews and it explains that, before the Last Judgment, Jews will return to dwell there. 

It is not a myth that all three religious philosophies agree to this specific concept, a man made law, or an agreement. Since the prophecy of Jews returning to dwell in the land of Israel has come true in our life time (another reality), why have the people who profess to believe the prophecy changed their minds?

Even if the ancient texts are filled with myths and fairy tales, it is hypocritical to profess to believe these myths, but only when it is convenient. Now that there is a tiny Jewish State in the Middle East, and that is inconvenient for you.

          • peepsqueek

            You are Mizrachi, and whose land are you living on, and making a living on, and how was that land acquired? I am part native American, so I am just asking.

          • DEADP00L

            You think Jews were the only ones Nazis and Crusaders killed?! Amazing.

            I didn’t acquire any land, my family are still in Iraq. We never betrayed Palestine. Our reality was that of egalitarians and our community fought AGAINST the Zionists. We literally went to war with them. Us and Syrian Mizrachim. We were sparred the fate of Yemeni Jews who suffered horrific atrocities at the hands of Zionists including human experimentation and their babies being stolen and sold to Ashkenazim for weapons to kill Palestinians.

            How convenient for you to bypass that particular period of Mizrachim history. What was done to Yemens Jews and Palestinians by the Zionists was a holocaust in the name of holocaust.

            You think we somehow, what? Own a monopoly on persecution?! That we are incapable of it? How stupid are you? For every Jew that was killed in the inquisition, Crusades and by the Nazis FIVE non-jews died beside them. Yet you do not see those five other communities persecuting entire peoples in the name of holocaust, inquisition nor crusade or their faith.

            You have no clue just how incompetent you sound. Its so pathetic.

          • peepsqueek

            You might want to stop the BS while you are behind.

            Israel National News: “As Sunni and Shi’ite militias slaughter one another across the city, in the heart of terror-ridden Baghdad there are eight residents hiding a dangerous secret.
            Eight Baghdadi Jews are believed to be the last Jews in Iraq, a community that once numbered well over 130,000 and was one of the oldest Jewish Diaspora communities in the world.
            While Iraq was home to one of the largest Jewish communities in the Middle East, the vast majority fled following the establishment of the State of Israel. Today, the descendants of Iraq’s Jewish community number some 900,000, most of whom live in Israel.”

            Jews were murdered by the millions specifically because they were Jews. Hitler’s superior race doctrine concluded that Jews were an inferior semitic race that did not belong in Europe, which made it acceptable to them to try and exterminate every man, woman, and child. Before that, Jews were targeted in Europe as the “Christ killers” supported by the Church.

            October 13, 1932, Iraq became an independent state and it was admitted to the League of Nations. Iraq continued to be messed up by social, economic, ethnic, religious, and ideological conflicts, all of which retarded the process of [state formation]. The declaration of independent statehood triggered intense competition for power in the new entity. Sunnis and Shias, cities and tribes, sheiks and tribesmen, Assyrians and Kurds, pan-Arabists and Iraqi nationalists–all fought for places in the emerging state structure. The system was overwhelmed by these conflicting sectarian demands. What has changed?

            After Israel became an independent state, between 1950-52, 120,000-130,000 of the Iraqi Jewish community (around 75%) were transported to Israel in “Operation Ezra and Nehemiah”. Very interesting because the operation is named after Ezra and Nehemiah, who led the Jewish people from exile in Babylonia to return to Israel in the 5th century BC, as recorded in the books of the Hebrew Bible that bear their names.

          • DEADP00L

            Your touting zionist publications nullifies this conversations. There is no ‘terror-ridden- Baghdad, my family live in Iraq and people are living their lives.

            There is no Sunni Vs Shi’ite just people like you who feeds the world fake news, promoting sectarianism, hoping TO CREATE that reality; when ON THE GROUND if you ask anyone they will flat out laugh at you. Only politicians play your games, people live despite you.

      • peepsqueek

        Islamists claim Jerusalem is Islam’s third holiest City. The first two holiest Cities, Mecca and Medina, do not allow Jews, Christians, or any other non-Muslims to enter. The banner of Islam already flies over the West Bank–the biblical birthplace of David, Solomon, and Jesus. Does anyone have a balanced scale?

        • DEADP00L

          Jesus was born in Palestine under Rome. He was a Palestinian Jew and Christianity was born in Palestine.

      • News Nag

        Kaminoyona, well that was some serious propaganda there. You seem dangerously brainwashed. Your denial of fact and history is bad enough but to blatantly make stuff up and push it as historical fact is evil.

        Sound familiar?

        • Carlos Ponce de Leon

          IDIOT! Answer him with facts. Jerusalem the historical name doesn’t have even Arab roots. The city existed thousands of years before your prophet and your religion became a Terrorist Reality.

    • peepsqueek

      Then we have to deal with the fact out of the 61 groups that are designated as terrorist organizations by the U.S. State Department under President Obama, the overwhelming majority are Wahhabi-inspired and Saudi-funded groups.

      • Ld_Elon_Postman_RoyalMale

        61 groups that are designated as terrorist organizations by the U.S. State of WORLD TERROR CAMPAIGN.

        • peepsqueek

          Maybe you can tell the readers something about these guys, and why they are not targeting the US-

          -Abdullah Azzam Brigades

          • Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas Forces

          • Abu Nidal Organization

          • Abu Sayyaf

          • Ajnad Misr

          • Al-Abbas Fighting Division

          • Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

          • Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya

          • Al-Ghalibun

          • Al-Muhajiroun in East Africa

          • Al-Muhajirun

          • Al-Mulathamun Battalion

          • Al-Qaeda

          • Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

          • Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

          • Al-Qassam Brigades

          • Al-Shabaab

          • Ansar al-Dine

          • Ansar al-Islam

          • Ansar al-Sharia (Libya)

          • Ansar al-Sharia (Tunisia)

          • Ansar Allah al-Awfiya

          • Ansar Bait al-Maqdis

          • Ansaru

          • Arab Mujahideen in Chechnya

          • Army of Islam

          • Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq

          • Badr Organization

          • Boko Haram

          • Caucasus Emirate

          • Fatah al-Islam

          • Fawj al-Imam al-Hujja

          • Faylaq al-Karar

          • Faylaq al-Wa’ad al-Sadiq

          • Green Battalion

          • Hamas

          • Harakat al-Abdal

          • Harakat al-Nujaba

          • Harakat al-Sabireen

          • Harakat al-Shaheed al-Awal

          • Harakat Ansar Allah (Yemen)

          • Harakat Fajr al-Sham al-Islamiya

          • Harakat Sham al-Islam

          • Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami

          • Harkat-ul-Mujahideen

          • Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham

          • Hezbollah

          • Hezbollah al-Abrar

          • Hezbollah al-Ghalibun

          • Hezbollah al-Tha’irun

          • Hezbollah the Mujahideen in Iraq

          • Hezbollah- The Islamic Revolution in Iraq

          • Hizb-ut-Tahrir

          • Imam Ali Fighting Division

          • Imam Bukhari Battalion

          • Indian Mujahideen

          • Islamic Army in Iraq

          • Islamic Jihad Union

          • Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan

          • Islamic Muthanna Movement

          • Islamic State

          • Ja’afari Force

          • Jabhat al-Nusra

          • Jabhat Ansar al-Din

          • Jabhat Fatah al-Sham

          • Jaish-e-Mohammed

          • Jamaat al-Itisam bil-Kitab wa al-Sunna

          • Jamaat al-Murabiteen

          • Jamaat Bait al-Maqdis al-Islamiya

          • Jamaat Jund al-Islam

          • Jamaat Jund al-Qawqaz

          • Jamaat Jund al-Sham

          • Jaysh al-Jihad

          • Jaysh al-Mu’ammal

          • Jaysh al-Muhajireen wa al-Ansar

          • Jaysh al-Mukhtar

          • Jaysh al-Ummah fi Aknaf Bayt al-Maqdis

          • Jaysh Muhammad in Bilad al-Sham

          • Jaysh Wilayat al-Faqih

          • Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid

          • Jemaah Islamiyah

          • Jund al-Aqsa

          • Jundallah (Iran)

          • Junud al-Mahdi

          • Junud al-Sham

          • Kata’ib A’imat al-Baqi’

          • Kata’ib Ahrar al-Iraq

          • Kata’ib al-Ahad al-Sadiq al-Jadid

          • Kata’ib al-Aqila Zainab

          • Kata’ib al-Difa’ al-Muqaddas

          • Kata’ib al-Fatah al-Mubin

          • Kata’ib al-Ghadab

          • Kata’ib al-Imam al-Gha’ib

          • Kata’ib al-Imam al-Hussein

          • Kata’ib al-Imam Ali

          • Kata’ib al-Imam Musa bin Ja’afar

          • Kata’ib al-Jaysh al-Fatimi

          • Kata’ib al-Muqawama al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq

          • Kata’ib al-Qiyam al-Husseini

          • Kata’ib al-Sabirun

          • Kata’ib al-Shaheed al-Awal

          • Kata’ib al-Shaheed al-Awal: Quwat al-Buraq

          • Kata’ib al-Shaheed Zayd al-Tha’ir

          • Kata’ib al-Tayyar al-Risali

          • Kata’ib al-Zahara’

          • Kata’ib Ansar al-Hijja

          • Kata’ib Ansar al-Hijja (2)

          • Kata’ib Ansar al-Madhhab

          • Kata’ib Ansar al-Wilaya

          • Kata’ib Ansar Allah

          • Kata’ib Assad Allah al-Ghalib

          • Kata’ib Assad Allah in Iraq

          • Kata’ib Dir’ al-Wilaya

          • Kata’ib Hezbollah

          • Kata’ib Jund al-Imam

          • Kata’ib Jund Allah al-Ghalibun

          • Kata’ib Rayat al-Huda

          • Kata’ib Rijal Allah al-Ghalibun

          • Kata’ib Ruh Allah

          • Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada

          • Kata’ib Thawrat al-Abbas

          • Kata’ib Zaynab al-Kubra

          • Katibat al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad

          • Katibat Jabal al-Islam

          • Lashkar-e-Jhangvi

          • Lashkar-e-Taiba

          • Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

          • Lions of the Caliphate

          • Liwa Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas

          • Liwa Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas: Iraq Formation

          • Liwa al-Baqir

          • Liwa al-Fatemiyoun

          • Liwa al-Imam al-Hussein

          • Liwa al-Imam al-Mahdi

          • Liwa al-Imam al-Qa’im

          • Liwa al-Imam Muhammad al-Jawad al-Awal

          • Liwa al-Imam Zain al-Abidin

          • Liwa al-Karama

          • Liwa al-Mu’ammal

          • Liwa al-Muntaẓar

          • Liwa al-Qa’im

          • Liwa al-Sadiqeen

          • Liwa al-Shabab al-Risali

          • Liwa al-Shahada

          • Liwa al-Tawheed

          • Liwa al-Youm al-Maw’ud

          • Liwa Ali al-Akbar

          • Liwa Ansar al-Marja’iyya

          • Liwa Assad Allah al-Ghalib

          • Liwa Assad Allah al-Ghalib (Iraq)

          • Liwa Dhu al-Fiqar

          • Liwa Fatyan Bani Hashim

          • Liwa Shuhada al-Yarmouk

          • Liwa Youm al-Qa’im

          • Liwa Zainebiyoun

          • Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen (Gaza-Sinai)

          • Manẓamat Ansar Allah

          • Martyr Sadr Forces

          • Martyr Sadr Forces Formations

          • Moro Islamic Liberation Front

          • Mujahideen Army (Iraq)

          • Mujahideen of Iraq Brigade

          • Muslim Brotherhood

          • Naqshbandi Army

          • National Ideological Resistance in Syria

          • Palestine Liberation Front

          • Palestinian Islamic Jihad

          • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

          • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — General Command

          • Quwat al-Kadhimain al-Qitaliya

          • Quwat al-Ridha

          • Quwat Zaynab al-Kubra

          • Rapid Intervention Regiment

          • Saraya al-Ashtar

          • Saraya al-Imam

          • Saraya al-Jihad

          • Saraya al-Khorasani

          • Saraya al-Mukhtar

          • Saraya al-Salam

          • Saraya Ansar al-Aqeeda

          • Saraya Aqa’idiyun

          • Saraya Ashura

          • Suqur al-Izz

          • Taliban

          • Tanẓim Ansar al-Tawheed fi Bilad al-Hind

          • Tashkil al-Hussein al-Tha’ir

          • Tashkilat Asad Baghdad

          • Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

          • Turkestan Islamic Party

  • Kaminoyona

    Well that was some serious propaganda there……

    this man is dangerously brainwashed.

    Denial of fact and history is bad enough but to blatantly make stuff up and push it as historical fact is evil.

    • News Nag

      Because you say so does not make it so, nor is it so.

  • peepsqueek

    The European Union is Israel’s biggest trading partner. In 2013 the total volume of bilateral trade (excluding diamonds) came to over €27 billion (31.74 billion US). In 2013, 32% of Israel’s exports (excluding diamonds) went to the EU, and 34% of its imports (excluding diamonds) came from the EU.

    Terror attacks in Europe drive NATO closer to Israel – Israel News – Haaretz dot com

    Israel’s trade with Russia leaps by 25% | The Times of Israel

    • Ram2017

      Terror attacks in the EU are a direct result of NATO led carnage in their homelands. The migrant crisis that resulted was probably not foreseen by the “experts” and results in further loss of local security.

      • peepsqueek

        A few examples to show you that you are incorrect– The first World Trade Center bomb maker in 1993 was an Iraqi Islamist, Abdul Rahman Yasin. The 9-11 attack were Arab Islamists, The London bombings and all the terrorist attacks in India were Pakistani Islamists, the Madrid bombings were Moroccan Islamists, the Bali bombing were Jemaah Islamiyah, the US Embassy bombings in East Africa were linked to local members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and the bomb maker was an African member of Al Qaeda, Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, the Boston bombers were Muslims from Chechnya, the Charlie Hebdo attack was by Islamists who were French citizens, the Mall attack in Nairobi were Somali Islamists. On 2 April 2015, gunmen stormed the Garissa University College in Garissa, Kenya, killing 148 people, and injuring 79 or more. The militant group and Al-Qaeda offshoot, Al-Shabaab, which the gunmen claimed to be from, took responsibility for the attack. The gunmen took over 700 students hostage, freeing Muslims and killing those who identified as Christians. Nigerian Islamists attacking Christians in Nigeria and kidnapping young girls. —How many of those varied terrorist attacks were brought on by NATO in their Country of origin? Please do not dodge the quesion.

  • Philistines, non left.

  • Ld_Elon_Postman_RoyalMale

    Britain is responsible for giving these two the freedoms to commit these terrorist atrocities against humanity around the world, THEY apart of the SAME cult. The mighty Sunnis have fallen from grace where its becoming impossible to recover.
    >Too sophisticated for we?.

  • Exodus

    So Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US are to blame for constant violence by Hamas? The age old adage applies, Violence will never work, especially such violence by the terrorists targeting civilians, and then hiding in schools and hospitals. Sub human scum!

  • Christian Weller

    The king is good and great. He said the Truth. Palestinians should agree that Jerusalem is Israel capital

  • Isyaku Muhammad

    This Man is anti-Islam and anti-Muslims.


    Arab league is not ashamed they spat on two state solution in 1948 .Today they want to eat what they spat on what a shame? Those old boys met last time to condemn Trump

  • nepali hercules

    two state solution died in 1967. best things arabs can do is sell their land to the jews before they get kicked out just like their parents