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British MPs express support for detained Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi

16-year-old Palestinian Ahed Al-Tamimi appears in court after she was taken into custody by Israeli soldiers in Ramallah, West Bank on 20 December 2017 [The Palestinian Information Center/Facebook]

British MPs have expressed support for detained Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi, who was taken from her home in Nabi Saleh by Israeli occupation forces in the early hours of Tuesday.

An Early Day Motion (EDM) tabled yesterday has already attracted signatures from a dozen parliamentarians, including primary sponsor Philippa Whitford (SNP), and co-sponsors

Kelvin Hopkins (Labour), Grahame Morris (Labour), Tommy Sheppard (SNP), Hannah Bardell (SNP).

Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, former chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, was also a co-sponsor of the EDM.

The EDM states the “deep concern” of MPs “that in the early hours of 19 December an Israeli Border Police unit broke into the Tamimi family home during a night raid in Nabi Saleh and arrested 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi, taking her away for interrogation”.

The motion goes on to state Ahed is being “targeted” by Israeli authorities “because she is the daughter of parents who are leading activists in the popular struggle against the occupation in the village of Nabi Saleh”.

Corbyn: Arrested Palestinian teen ‘should not be in prison’

It also further “acknowledges the reality of repression against ordinary Palestinians and notes the disproportionate response to any action taken by Ahed and rejects the routine use of night arrests and interrogation of minors by Israeli military forces which fuel further hatred and division.”

The MPs urge “the immediate unconditional release” of Tamimi, and ask the government “to make representations to Israel that actions carried out by the occupying power that are not necessitated by genuine security concerns are in violation of the laws governing military occupation.”

The concern in Westminster over Tamimi’s arrest comes after UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke out about the case, saying that the Palestinian teen “should not be in prison”.

In a video posted by journalist Clayton Swisher, Corbyn is asked about Tamimi’s case by Swisher’s six-year-old daughter.

“She shouldn’t be in prison because children should never be in prison”, Corbyn replied. “And if people are standing up for their rights, then they should be allowed to do that.”

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  • Pepper Wingate

    I do hope these MP’s will also stand up for all those people in the UK who have or will slap a police officer in the face. Surely, it should also be a breach of their human rights to be fined £150 when convicted.

    • sai

      I know of no armed British police that trespass on peoples property – break into their homes shooting folks in the head (like they did her cousin), nor am I aware that Britain is illegally occupying another people. If they were, and if the police were doing those things (that the Israelis are doing) then a slap in the face would be more than deserved.

      • Pepper Wingate

        Then you don’t know about Ulster? Soldiers regularly made armed arrests of Republican and Loyalist extremists in the middle of the night. Lear some history, please!

        • Ali Shahid

          You really are desperate when it comes to justifying anything and everything the IDF does.Such pathetic excuses.

          • Pepper Wingate

            and right back at you.

        • sai

          Yes, I know about Ulster (not anywhere near as bad as Palestine), … nothing to do with learning history, I said if people were guilty of brutally occupying someones land – breaking into their homes – shooting them, then a slap in the face would be more than deserved. A notion that any reasonable person would agree with.

          • Pepper Wingate

            Then you know nothing.

          • sai

            Your response make no logical sense.

          • Pepper Wingate

            Your statement made none!

      • charliematerne

        What land is Israel “illegally occupying”? Which specific International Law says that Israel (or any other nation) can’t “occupy” its own land?

        • sai

          I’m pretty sure you know full well the land which Israel is occupying. There are numerous UN resolutions relating to such which I’m sure you’re not ignorant of (?)

          Own land? The West Bank is not Israel’s “own land”. They are ioccupying it.

          • charliematerne

            Those resolutions are not international law, they are political opinion. ( see UN Charter Chapters IV and V) The League of Nations Mandate borders (from the river to the sea) are still international law. (see League of Nations Covenant Article 22). According to the ICJ the Mandates are still enforceable (hence Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and numerous other nations are valid and their borders are legal (including Israel’s Mandate borders) UN Charter Article 80 incorporates those borders into the Charter. That is also International Law. The Peace Treaty with Egypt states that Gaza is within Israel. Treaties are International Law. The treaty of Peace between Israel and Jordan states that the land from the river to the sea Is Israel. It even lists the GPS coordinates of the surveyed border) Again, treaties are International Law. Not a single one of these International Laws even mentions the “Palestinians”. PS: all of these documents are available on the UN Website. Again which specific “International Law” says Israel can not occupy its own land?

          • sai

            Absolute nonsense. You sound just like an Israeli politician. It’s not just “political opinion” that deems that Israel is occupying the West bank (Syria’s Golan Heights too). No accepted international law deems Israel to being the rightful owner of these occupied lands.

          • charliematerne

            From the Mandate Annexes (International Law)”
            “Delineating the final geographical area of Palestine designated for the Jewish National Home as of September 16, 1922:11 PALESTINE INTRODUCTORY. POSITION, ETC. Palestine lies on the western edge of the continent of Asia between Latitude 30º N. and 33º N., Longitude 34º 30’ E. and 35º 30’ E. On the North it is bounded by the French Mandated Territories of Syria and Lebanon, on the East by Syria and Trans-Jordan, on the South-west by the Egyptian province of Sinai, on the South-east by the Gulf of Aqaba and on the West by the Mediterranean.

            The frontier with Syria was laid down by the AngloFrench Convention of the 23rd December, 1920, and its delimitation was ratified in 1923. Briefly stated, the boundaries are as follows: – North. – From Ras en Naqura on the Mediterranean eastwards to a point west of Qadas, thence in a northerly direction to Metulla, thence east to a point west of Banias. East. – From Banias in a southerly direction east of Lake Hula to Jisr Banat Ya’pub, thence along a line east of the Jordan and the Lake of Tiberias and on to El Hamme station on the Samakh-Deraa railway line, thence along the centre of the river Yarmuq to its confluence with the Jordan, thence along the centres of the Jordan, the Dead Sea and the Wadi Araba to a point on the Gulf of Aqaba two miles west of the town of Aqaba, thence along the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba to Ras Jaba. South. – From Ras Jaba in a generally north-westerly direction to the junction of the Neki-Aqaba and Gaza-Aqaba Roads, thence to a point west-north-west of Ain Maghara and thence to a point on the Mediterranean coast north-west of Rafa. West. – The Mediterranean Sea.”
            If you follow on a map you will see that the so-called “West Bank” “Gaza Strip” and Golan are all within the borders of Israel.

          • sai

            More nonsense. It appears you don’t understand the nature of international law and/or, how it relates to the Apartheid state of Israel.

          • charliematerne

            Read the documents I suggested. Like it or not, I am correct

          • sai

            No, you very much are not. Claiming non-facts to being facts, makes you very much incorrect.

          • charliematerne

            Just because they are man-made International Law and not Sharia (which by the way is NOT International Law) does not mean they are “non-facts”. You are just afraid to admit you have been living in your comfortable hate filled world that will crumble if you read the truth

          • sai

            Not sure why you’re mentioning Sharia (?) As stated, you are peddling untruths. Whether consciously or via delusion that is the case here. However you slice it or dice it you non-facts are literally that.

            As for your claim of myself being “afraid” to admit I’ve been living in a “hate filled world”, that would be just another non-fact of yours.

          • charliematerne

            I mentioned Sharia because it is the only source (albeit Religious not Legal) for the claim that the “Palestinians” have a claim to a state between the river and the sea within any borders

          • sai

            More nonsense. The Palestinian’s have a far stronger legal and moral claim to the land than any colonial European settlers do (we’re not talking about the indigenous Jews here). It is their land, and it was their homes (and land) that was stolen from them. A crime which no one has the right to do.

          • charliematerne

            Which “Law” gives them such a “legal claim”? When have the “Palestinians” EVER concerned themselves with anything “moral”? Is it when they fire their rockets at Israeli civilian homes and schools? Maybe it was when they fired an anti-tank rocket at a school bus? How about when the dismembered a little girl for the crime of sleeping in her bed? How about when the ran over a child who was not ever one year old for the crime of waiting in a stroller with her grandparent’s at a bus stop? You might want to check the Ottoman land laws before you claim it belonged to anyone

  • Peter Breingan

    Sai has it exactly correct

  • Leon De Elias


  • You know, many Palestinians look really white, like whiter than Europeans.