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Israeli parliament to vote on death penalty bill

Legislation imposing death penalty on convicted Palestinians aims to prevent ‘prisoner swaps’, says defence minister

Israel’s parliament is set to vote on a draft bill that would impose the death penalty on Palestinians “involved in operations against Israeli targets”, the country’s defense minister said Monday.

Speaking to an Israeli TV channel, Avigdor Liberman said voting to advance legislation targeting convicted Palestinians of attacking Israeli civilians and soldiers would take place Wednesday.

“The US also has such legislation. Thus, it’s appropriate for Israel to follow such a powerful democratic system in the world,” Liberman said.

Lieberman said convicted Palestinians were being used for prisoner exchanges.

“Every convicted terrorist is used by terrorist organizations kidnapping civilians and soldiers for prisoner swaps,” he said.

The draft bill needs to be voted on in three rounds in order to be approved by parliament.

Israel does not have the death penalty, but convicts may face prison sentences of hundreds of years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said earlier this year that it is time to impose the death penalty on Palestinians that attack Israelis.

“The death penalty for terrorists – it’s time to implement it in severe cases,” he said in a video posted in July on his Twitter account.

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  • abu antar

    Won’t pass.

  • Just killing a few of your enemies will not be able to kill the hatred they have against your people, especially if both sides refuse to show any mercy.

    • Bishadi

      If that is what your people are like, then no wonder the dross end up destroyed per tanakh

  • alejandro casalegno

    The ocuppation is a slow death……………if you figth for freedom….you get it or die!!!!

  • Bishadi

    Now isreali is legalizing genocide? Just to label the Palestinians by name, is no different than ww2 ethnic cleansing.
    Now I can see why israel is compared to ww2 Germany so often