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Egyptian-Israeli borders: The new war front against ISIS

Daesh affiliated militants in the Sinai, Egypt [File photo]
Daesh affiliated militants in Sinai, Egypt [File photo]

Under the title "ISIS is growing in Sinai," Israel's Jewish News One website said: "ISIS – Sinai Province has become the most powerful group outside Syria and Iraq because of its remarkable intelligence and military capability, which was manifested in an attempt to assassinate the two Egyptian Ministers of Defence and Interior".

The website added: "Through a series of carefully planned terrorist operations and assassinations, ISIS – Sinai Province appears to be the most powerful arm of ISIS. It is responsible for shooting down the Russian passenger plane in October 2015, which is considered the most serious aerial disaster in Russia's history. In addition, accusations were directed towards the same group of carrying out the terrorist attack on al-Rawda Mosque which resulted in the death of more than 300 people."

The website continued: "These terrorist operations testified to the ability of ISIS – Sinai Province's operational and advanced ability to collect information. Another proof of this is ISIS' attempt to assassinate the two Egyptian Ministers of Defence and Interior in an attack that took place on 19 December at El Arish International Airport in northern Sinai."

The website added: "In that attack, ISIS used an anti-tank missile booster. Although the two ministers were not injured, the operation is a confirmation of ISIS' intelligence ability and the gathering of highly sensitive information regarding the travel arrangements of two senior ministers."

The website concluded that "according to US Intelligence estimates, the number of ISIS activists is no more than one thousand. However, they have advanced weapons that were smuggled to Egypt through Sudan and Libya. These weapons, along with ISIS' intelligence ability turn ISIS – Sinai Province into the most dangerous group, which, for the last three years, has killed more than 1500 Egyptians".

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