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Israelis continue protests against Netanyahu ‘corruption’

This is the fifth week of protests against the Israeli Prime Minister

Thousands of Israelis have continued to protest in Tel Aviv against Benjamin Netanyahu’s alleged corruption, Quds Press reported on Sunday. This is the fifth week of protests against the Israeli Prime Minister.

The demonstrators have been calling for the speeding-up of legal procedures related to the investigations into the allegations of bribery and the misuse of public funds. Demonstrators are reported to be calling for Netanyahu to step down after accusing him of sitting on top of official corruption in Israel.

According to reports, financial and ethical corruption among senior Israeli officials has reached a record level. As well as Netanyahu, the former Chairman of the Government Coalition, David Bitan, and Interior Minister Arie Deri are implicated.

Netanyahu first served as Prime Minister of Israel from 1996. On 31 March, 2009, he was sworn in for the second time and is now serving his fourth term in office.

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