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Popular campaign in Kuwait streets to oppose normalisation with Israeli occupation

Adverts in Kuwait against normalising relations with Israel [Qudspress]

On Wednesday, the National Union of Kuwaiti Students launched a popular campaign against normalisation with the Israeli occupation under the title “Kuwaiti against normalisation”.

On Thursday, the Union of Kuwaiti Students distributed huge announcements in the streets of Kuwait to combat all forms of normalisation with the Israeli occupation.

The announcements included a warning against academic normalisation with the occupation under the cover of research and knowledge cooperation between Arabs and Israel and pointed out that “just dealing with Israel as a state and not as occupation is normalisation in itself.”

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The Union, which is controlled by Islamists in Kuwait, announced the convening of a seminar against normalisation next Tuesday (06/02/2018).

It is worth noting that the National Union of Kuwaiti Students is a student organisation which was established on December 24, 1964 to represent students of the State of Kuwait who are studying both inside and outside the country. The Union consists of branches that are annually managed by elected administrative bodies, the largest of which is the branch of the University of Kuwait.

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