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Yemeni Nobel Peace laureate slammed by Saudi, Emirati social media users

February 7, 2018 at 4:12 am

Saudi and Emirati social media users have launched a campaign against Yemen’s Nobel Peace laureate Tawakul Karman for criticising the Saudi-led coalition activities in Yemen.

Social media users called to prosecute Karman while others accused her of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and of carrying out Turkey project in Yemen.

Karman accused in a post on Twitter Saudi Arabia and the UAE of using the coup against legitimacy in Sana’a to exercise a hideous occupation and extend worst influence on the great Yemen.

The General Secretariat of Yemen Islah Party allied with President, AbedRabbo Mansour Hadi suspended Karman’s party membership and said that she does not represent the party or its positions.

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The Party published a statement on its website saying the party’s positions are expressed only though its official institutions and bodies, mainly the Supreme Council, the Secretariat and the official spokesman, noting that “it made great efforts to discourage Karman, but she did not respond”.

Commenting on the decision to freeze her membership, Karman described the party’s general secretariat as “mere detainees in Riyadh and slaves for the rulers of Riyadh and the Sheiks of Abu Dhabi.

“Saudi Arabia and the UAE have transformed the legitimacy and the Yemeni parties, including Islah into hostages and now control their decision” she said.

The Yemeni activist added that leaders of controlled parties have no right to take any decisions to punish or even freeze the membership of those who belong to them in order to satisfy Saudi Arabia.