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Ultra-Orthodox Jews threaten Netanyahu over compulsory conscription bill

A group of Ultra Orthodox Jews stage a protest against the compulsory military service in Jerusalem, Israel on 17 September 2017 [İsrail Polisi/Handout/Anadolu Agency]

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties in Israel have warned they may not vote for the budget law if the government did not vote on a bill to exempt Haredim from compulsory recruitment, Arab48 reported yesterday.

The Shas and United Torah Judaism parties, which are part of the Israeli coalition government, have said they would not support the new budget if Haredi Jews are not given an exemption from military service.

Israel has witnessed scores of protests as a result of its plans to force Haredi Jews to enlist in the army. Ultra-Orthodox Jews have long been exempt because of a government clause which acknowledges that studying the Torah is of superior value.

Israel: Orthodox Jews close Jerusalem streets in protest against army conscription

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