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Iraq, UN launch joint plan to return 1 million displaced persons to their homes in 2018

The Iraqi government and the United Nations have launched the Humanitarian Response Plan which aims to help one million displaced Iraqis return to areas liberated from Daesh, the Iraqi Minister of Migration and Displacement, Hasem Mohammad Al-Jaf said Tuesday.

Speaking at a joint press conference with the Secretary General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Mahdii Al-Alaq, Minister, al- Jaf said according to the plan one out of approximately 2.5 million displaced persons will return to their areas in addition to providing services and logistics for displaced people in refugee camps".

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"The plan aims to continue to provide services and assistance to about 8 million Iraqis in the liberated areas and displaced persons in refugee camps according to the allocated budget" the minister said, without mentioning the size of the budget.

According to the Iraqi ministry of migration and displacement, the war against Daesh has displaced about 5.7 million Iraqis.

The Iraqi government says half of the displaced people returned to their liberated areas, but the rest are facing difficulties due to the destruction of their homes, the lack of basic services, and the spread of war remnants including explosives.




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