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Qatar and Kuwait sign cooperation agreement on tourism

March 22, 2018 at 12:38 am

The Qatari General Commission for Tourism and the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, signed an agreement that enhance cooperation between the two countries regarding tourism.

In a statement, Wednesday, the Commission said that the agreement was signed in Kuwait City by Mr. Hassan Al-Ibrahim, Acting Chairman of the General Commission for Tourism, and Mr. Jassim Al-Habib, Assistant Undersecretary of the Tourism.

The agreement lays groundwork for long-term cooperation in the field of tourism and pursues mutual benefit through exchanging experiences and information related to planning and development. It will also provide for the exchange of programming material, advertising and announcements, in addition to joint promotion of the Qatari and Kuwaiti destinations.

Mr. Hassan Al-Ibrahim, Acting Chairman of the General Commission for Tourism, said that the signing of this agreement comes in light of the excellent economic and popular relations which are the result of many years of joint work between the two countries. In addition, the agreement embodies the commission’s efforts to enhance cooperation and promote inter-tourism.

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He expressed his hope for the positive effects that will result from the implementation of this agreement on both countries, and his hope for the promotion of the tourism sector in both countries.

Both countries will invite citizens and residents to spend holidays and organise tourism trips in the other country and will invite representatives of the media outlets and specialists in the field of tourism to exchange touristic tours between the two countries. The two sides also agreed to proceed with the preparation of the agreed upon executive program in order to promote cooperation for the benefit of the tourism sector of the two countries.

The two countries will also encourage both the public and private sectors to invest in tourism and give particular consideration to the development and implementation of tourism projects that are beneficial to both countries.