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Arab League: Knesset supports racist laws to steal Palestinian land

March 26, 2018 at 12:31 am

The Arab League has said that the Israeli Knesset supports racist laws to Judaize and steal Palestinian land and promote apartheid.

In a report issued Sunday, the league said that the special committee in charge of preparing the Nationality Law in the Knesset approved the wording of the new Nationality Bill, which states that “the state of Israel will be enshrined in the Basic Law” as a Nation State for the Jewish people, and that its character as a Jewish and democratic state shall be consolidated, with Jerusalem as its capital.

The report noted that the Knesset approved the budget bill for 2019, which amounted to 479.6 billion shekels, the largest in the history of Israel, and most of which were earmarked for the Israeli army and settlement.

It said that Israel’s Minister of Communications, Yisrael Katz, approved Railroad Project Plan and the settlement train which will link the territories occupied in 1948 with settlements in the occupied West Bank.

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It pointed out that the first railway will extend from the Ras al-Ein town, through Petah Tikva to the university on the Ariel settlement in the occupied West Bank. The project is expected to be completed by 2025, and it will cost 4 billion shekels.

According to the report, the settlers’ profits from investment in the northern Jordan Valley region were estimated at $ 650 million annually. It pointed out that three large settlement companies market the products of these settlements. In addition, the occupation controls 85 percent of the water resources in these areas and 82 percent of their pastures that it declared closed military zones.