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UNICEF: Less than 4% of ground water in Gaza is usable

April 6, 2018 at 10:30 am

A Palestinian boy drinks water from public pipes in the Gaza Strip [Eyad Al Baba/Apaimages]

Chief of UNICEF Gaza Field Office Tania McBride has said less than 4 per cent of Gaza’s ground water is usable.

During a ceremony held yesterday to mark World Water Day McBride highlighted the dangers of water pollution and pumping wastewater into the sea, particularly for Palestinian children. She reiterated that UNICEF works with several local and international partner institutions to reduce water damage and provide safe drinking water in the enclave.

Manager of the Islamic Relief Community Development Programme, Hossam Jouda, said his agency has been collaborating with the local community to provide safe drinking water, pointing to the importance of raising awareness.

Deputy Chairman of the Water Authority, Mr. Ribhi Al-Sheikh, highlighted the Water Authority’s efforts to secure access to clean water. Around 90 per cent of Palestinian water resources are under Israeli control.

He stressed on the need for necessary funding and implement development programmes for the water system.

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