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10,000 Algeria prisoners reintegrated into society since 2010

April 12, 2018 at 12:26 pm

More than 10,000 prisoners have been rehabilitating in Algeria since 2010, according to the Director-General of the Prison and Reintegration Administration Mokhtar Felyoun.

Felyoun said the government contributed to the “humanisation of prisoners” and “fighting crime in society.”

The Prison Director stressed that Algeria has been able to radically change the justice sector and the prison sector by changing the role of punitive institutions from their traditional roles of serving time to education and reintegration.

The policy, which is in collaboration with various sectors of society from associations and institutions, has enabled the integration of ten thousand prisoners back to society by creating jobs for them within liberal professions and traditional industries as well as opening the possibility of pursuing further studies.

This approach, according to Felyoun, is a necessary solution to reduce the phenomenon of criminality “in society in our country” and helps inmates from penal institutions move away from crime and delinquency, rehabilitating them so they can become law-abiding members of society once again.

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