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Lebanon complains of ‘Zionist entity’ to UN Security Council

President of Lebanon Michel Aoun [Mohamemd Asad/Middle East Monitor]
President of Lebanon Michel Aoun [Mohamemd Asad/Middle East Monitor]

Lebanese President Michel Aoun announced yesterday that his country would file a complaint to the UN Security Council against the “Israeli violation of Lebanese sovereignty”.

Speaking during the weekly cabinet meeting, Aoun said that his government considers the use of the Lebanese airspace as “an attack on the sovereignty of Lebanon”.

“Lebanon will not accept any Israeli violation to its airspace,” he stressed, condemning the Israeli aggressions against the Arab countries.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that the government “is working to neutralise Lebanon from any problems that could be caused from the regional tensions.”

On Monday, Israeli F-15 fighter jets bombed a Syrian military base east of the city of Homs with eight air-to-surface missiles. The Israeli strikes were reported to have been carried out from Lebanese airspace.

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