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Palestinians in America reject PNC meeting without national agreement

April 17, 2018 at 9:32 am

The Palestinian National council meeting in the West Bank city of Ramallah [Issam Rimawi/Apaimages]

A number of Palestinian groups and activists in the United States issued a warning on Monday about holding a meeting of the Palestinian National Council (PNC) without a national agreement, Quds Press has reported.

Such a meeting without any agreement in place, they said in a joint statement, will reinforce the Palestinian division and the domination of one faction among the organisations within the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

“At a time when the Palestinians and their rights are subject to the danger of being marginalised and liquidated, some Palestinians are calling for a cosmetic PNC meeting under the guns of the Israeli occupation in Ramallah and without a national and popular agreement,” the statement pointed out. “Holding the PNC [at this stage] is a disastrous step that will lead to more fragmentation and division among the Palestinians.”

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The signatories called for all Palestinians in the US to raise their voices against holding the PNC without national agreement and to work for a “united” council free of an Israeli agenda and Israeli pressure. In closing, they also expressed their rejection of any decisions or recommendations made by the PNC if the organisers insist on going ahead with the meeting under the current circumstances.

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