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More than 400 Yemeni journalists displaced due to war

The Yemeni war has displaced more than 400 journalists inside and outside the country, according to a report by a local research institute.

The report, issued by the non-governmental Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC), explained that these journalists have been forced to move to other areas, both inside and outside Yemen in order to save their lives and to escape from prosecutions and violations.

The report added that the current crisis is the most serious in the history of Yemen.

It pointed out more displacements have been from the capital Sana'a. This is due to the huge number the human rights violations. Sana'a alone accounted for 86 per cent of the total number of displaced journalists.

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Taiz Governorate ranked second with 5 per cent, Aden third with 3 per cent, then Al Hudaydah with 2 per cent.

The report said that 30 per cent of the journalists who were forced to leave their homes have been displaced to areas inside Yemen, while 70 per cent of the journalists have been displaced outside Yemen.

It explained that 32 per cent of the displaced journalists have been displaced to Egypt, followed by Saudi Arabia with 28 per cent, then Turkey with 10 per cent.

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