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Iraq arrests Daesh suspect who burned Jordan pilot alive

Iraqi intelligence services have arrested a member of Daesh who is thought to be responsible for burning Jordanian pilot, Muath Al-Kasasbeh, alive in early February 2015 when his airplane fell over the Syrian city of Raqqa.

Jordan's Al-Ghad newspaper said the Iraqi intelligence agencies had succeeded in attracting Saddam Omar Al-Jamal, who is one of those responsible for the burning Al-Kasasbeh alive.

The newspaper quoted sources in the Iraqi intelligence as saying that the service was able to "penetrate the security wall of Daesh's leadership and attract Abu Zeid Iraqi who in turn attracted Saddam Al-Jamal, Abu Saif Al-Shiati, Abu Abdul Haq Iraqi and Abu Hafs Karbouli."

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According to the sources, the five detainees who are considered some of Daesh's senior leaders are currently in the Iraqi custody and were arrested in Syrian near the Iraq border.

Al-Kasasbeh's family has called on the Jordanian government to urge Iraq to hand Al-Jamal over in order for his trial to be held in Jordan.

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