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Netanyahu to discuss with Europe ways to limit Iran influence in Syria

June 4, 2018 at 3:07 pm

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Sochi, Russia on 23 August 2017 [En.kremlin]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would continue his campaign against Iran during his European tour that starts today. Netanyahu will discuss regional developments as part of his talks, which will be held in Germany, France and Britain. Focusing on Iran, its nuclear project and its military presence in Syria.

Israel demands that Iran be removed from the border area between Israel and Syria, and that it should withdraw from all Syrian territory.

Netanyahu’s statements came during the weekly cabinet meeting yesterday. He pointed out that he will be on a tour of Europe where he will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Iran denies negotiating with Israel over Syria

The Israeli prime minister said he would discuss regional developments with the European leaders. The talks would focus on Iran and continuing efforts to halt the Iranian nuclear programme. He stressed that he would emphasise an unchangeable fact that “Israel will not allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons”.

He is also set to discuss stopping Iranian expansion in to Syria and the rest of the Middle East. “I will emphasize the basic principle that Israel preserves and will continue to maintain freedom of action against Iranian military positioning in any part of the Syrian territory,” he said.

“I think that things have changed positively, and I will present issues that are necessary for the security of the state of Israel.”

Netanyahu explained: “As for the Syrian issue, our position is clear and we believe that there is no place for any Iranian military presence in any part of the Syrian territory.”

“I say with confidence that this position also reflects the positions of other parties in the Middle East and beyond, and will be the main focus of the discussions that I will be conducting in Europe.”