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King of Jordan: We are ‘at crossroads’ facing the unknown

Jordanian King Abdullah II
Jordanian King Abdullah II

The King of Jordan, Abdullah II, warned of the worsening economic conditions witnessed in the country and said that Jordan is now “at a crossroads” and it will either safely get out of this difficult situation or face the unknown.

King Abdullah attributed the political and economic crisis which has led to protests to the country bearing the burden of hosting Syrian refugees despite the decline in international aid, and accused the international community of failing to fulfil its duties towards Jordan.

The situation in the region has led to the economic situation which Jordan now faces, he explained.

The cessation of Egyptian gas being delivered to the Kingdom cost it 4 billion dinars ($5.6 billion), the King explained, adding that this in addition to the failure of government officials to take decisions, has affected the country’s economic standing.

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“I have had to do the work of the government during the last period, and this is not my role. My duty is to protect the constitution and guarantee a balance between powers, but every power and official must be responsible, and whoever cannot carry out his duties must leave the position to those who have the ability to do so.”

King Abdullah said the income tax bill which is being introduced will improve the services provided to citizens in the country, adding that it is important that low income families are protected and investment is encouraged.

Jordan has witnessed mass protests as its citizens rise up against a new tax will they say will led them in to poverty. As a result, prime minister Hani Al-Mulki tendered his resignation on Monday and the King appointed Education Minister Omar Al-Razzaz to head up a new government.

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