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Tributes paid to pro-Palestine lawyer Felicia Langer

June 28, 2018 at 11:09 am

International Popular Committee to Support the Gaza Strip yesterday paid tribute to well-known pro-Palestine lawyer Felicia Langer who passed away on Friday.

Langer, who died aged 87, lived in Israel until 1990 and she defended Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails.

She authored several books, including one documenting Israeli violations against Palestinian prisoners in jails.

Langer later moved to Germany and continued her defence of Palestinian prisoners.

Dr Essam Youssef, head of the Popular International Committee to Support the Gaza Strip, said in a statement that Langer’s death is “not only a loss for Palestine, but a loss for all the free people in the world.”

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He added: “She deeply believed in the issue of the Palestinian prisoners and devoted her life to defend them against Israeli violations. She represented the image of the real human rights fighter as she was like a tree with deep roots in the earth that the occupation could not raze.”

Youssef continued: “Langer will remain in the memory of Palestinian prisoners, children, men and women as a human rights fighter who defended their stolen rights and stood before the Israeli courts to plead for them.”