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Between the cave of Thailand and Gaza’s

The world finally breathed a sigh of relief following the success of the divers in northern Thailand in rescuing the 12 children and their coach after 17 days trapped in a flooded cave. The rescue and plight of the children have attracted worldwide attention and has captured a great deal of public interest around the world.

Relief teams from around the world were involved in the rescue operation, with an estimated number of 1,000 people taking part in the rescue operation, as well as experts in the field of relief and disaster on best practices to carry out a rescue operation to ensure the safety of children.

And in order to ensure that the children overcome the psychological trauma caused by what they’ve been through, they were invited to attend the World Cup’s final game and to express that the world is standing with them in their ordeal.

The most beautiful forms of solidarity between peoples and with the families of detained children have been expressed. Even children and people who have been facing death and extermination have continued to pray and pray for the children in Thailand to be rescued and to return to their families safely.

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The sad thing is that the humanity of the world is fragmented and stands helpless from even concerning and defending the peers of these children, those who lie under the guns and bombardment of aircrafts and the confiscation of their right to live in dignity and move in peace.

In the Gaza Strip, the number of children under the age of 18 is over 900,000 children (according to the final results of the Census of Population, Housing and Establishments 2017), of which 20,000 are orphans and 11,000 have at least one form of disability.

While the Israeli occupation forces used excessive force against peaceful demonstrators in the Great Return marches, which led to the death and wounding of thousands of children by an Israeli sniper deliberately, without even a proper condemnation from the international world that only expressed concern or requested a restraint.

Going back in time to the aggression of the Israeli occupation forces in the summer of 2014, where a number of 2139 Palestinians were killed, including 579 children, 263 women and 102 elderly people. While the number of wounded was 11128, including 3374 children and 2088 women and 410 elderly, leaving behind 65 thousand people, mostly children without a shelter until this moment, In addition to the need for psychological support for more than 300 thousand children who still suffer from psychological trauma as a result of the aggression.

More than 2 million people have been living under tragic humanitarian conditions, half of them are children in the cave of Gaza, under a severe siege for more than 12 years and it’s getting more intense that Israeli newspapers have described the situation that Gaza is on its way from being the largest prison in the world to the largest cell In the world after the package of recent sanctions imposed by the occupation forces on the enclaved city, that comes in conjunction with the continuation of the sanctions imposed by the Palestinian Authority as well.

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The hearts that rejoiced in the rescue of the children in the cave of Thailand and expressed their solidarity either with prayer, writing or following closely, have stood surprised and confused by the silence of the world and its inability to save the children in the Cave of Gaza. The humanity that called for all its capabilities and staff in Thailand, left the children of Gaza facing the darkness of siege and aggression in their isolated cave, while watching them drowning in the sea of needs, without any initiative or move from the free world to provide hope, or invent a creative idea to lift them from the cave, which is growing to be darker with more of the crisis and disasters, without even paying attention to their pain and be preoccupied with them and discusses their concerns.

It is absurd to recall at every time that these catastrophic circumstances will push the Palestinian people towards an explosion, and their children towards isolation and extremism, and perhaps the world will wake up and move when it is too late and there is no room for remedying what could have been remedied.

Life in Gaza is almost non-existent. And who lives in it is like someone who has lost hope in life and no longer believes in anyone. They are busy between their needs and their wounds. If there is no real intervention to save the detainees in the Cave of Gaza, everyone will bear the consequences of what is happening.


What is needed here is a radical solution, not a humanitarian solution that only contributes to the alleviation of the siege and improves the conditions of staying hostage to the cave. The people of the Gaza Strip deserve an airport and a port that guarantees them freedom of movement without being blackmailed through the Erez checkpoint, without waiting for travel lists and fear of being denied to travel through the Rafah crossing. The Palestinian people deserve a national unity that brings the compass back to anti-occupation and the consolidation of the Palestinian body and the strengthening of its national capabilities and gains of struggle to achieve the dream of liberation and return.

World leaders must realize that the people of Palestine cannot continue to receive blows and suffer abuse. And the home leaders must realize as well that those who face the brutality of tanks and sniper fire with bare chests deserve better leaders of the size of their sacrifices and will trample on all of those who neglect them and make them lose their rights. Time is running out from you and it’s either you do good to the nation and the people, or the replacement is coming.

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