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Palestinians face jail for taking part in ‘Kiki’ dance challenge

‘Kiki’ dance challenge - (Youtube)

Palestinians who take part in a dance challenge which sees people dancing besides a slow-moving vehicle while being recorded face a fine and jail, Palestinian police warned yesterday.

The “Kiki” challenge, which sees participants dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings” has been an online sensation with social media users uploading videos of themselves and others dancing to the tune.

Authorities in a number of countries have banned the challenge claiming to is endangers road users.

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According to Palestinian police: “Participation in such unacceptable practices constitutes a crime punishable by law with imprisonment for a period ranging from two months to one year and a fine of 120 Jordanian dinars ($180).”

It added that the driving licenses of participants will be withdrawn and cars may be impounding as a result. The penalty will be doubled if the convicted person commits the same offense within two years.

Indonesia, the UAE and Egypt are among a number of countries which have already outlawed the challenge.

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