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Assad's wife 'secretly' receives spiritual treatment

Syria's First Lady, Asma Al-Assad, has "secretly" visited a number of the country's coastal villages, including Homs, where she met with several Alawite families and religious clerks to receive their blessing.

It is a traditional ritual which Alawites have been carrying out for decades as they believe that God sends cures to his followers through the righteous preachers.

Al-Assad also visited the headquarters of Imam Muhammad Ibn Idris Al-Shafi in Syria's Tartous and the shrine of the Islamic scholar Sheikh Hassan Al-Attar. She met with Sheikh Mahmoud Iskandar Ghanem, one of Alawites' leading clerks, who lives in the village of Beit Al-Sheikh Younes.

One of the Alawite's official social media pages recently published photos of the First Lady and her husband, Bashar Al-Assad, standing beside an Alawite clerk. The photo was taken at a military hospital where Asma was receiving treatment for breast cancer.

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Last week, the Syrian regime announced that Asma had been diagnosed with breast cancer, but confirmed that she had begun "the first stage of treatment for a malignant tumour of the breast that was discovered early."

Observers believe that the regime's announcement aimed at gaining the sympathy of the Syrian people.

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