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Sudanese army commander denies withdrawing from Arab coalition

Members of the Sudanese Army on 18 March 2011 [UNAMID/Flickr]
Members of the Sudanese Army on 18 March 2011 [UNAMID/Flickr]

Commander of the Sudanese Al-Hazm II Brigade in Yemen, Brigadier General Hafez Al-Haj, has denied media reports that Sudanese troops have withdrawn from the Saudi-led Arab coalition in Yemen.

“Sudanese forces are definitely staying because they came voluntarily with the people’s will” he said in an interview.

General Al-Haj explained that Sudanese forces are being replaced “from time to time as with all military operations” stressing that the Sudanese forces will stay alongside the legitimate authorities until Yemen returns to its Arab incubator.

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In May, the Sudanese Minister of State for Defence, Ali Salem, said the ministry was evaluating the fact that Sudanese forces are participating with the Arab coalition in the war in Yemen, however Khartoum later announced that Sudanese forces will continue participating alongside the Arab coalition forces in Yemen.

There have been calls by Sudanese parties and parliamentarians to withdraw the Sudanese army forces from Yemen, following recent reports of significant losses among the Sudanese military.

Sudanese forces are the largest Arab forces that participate in direct ground confrontations against Houthi rebels and played a prominent role in resolving a number of battles, especially in the coastal and southern areas.

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