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17 ill Palestinian prisoners face 'slow death' in Israel's Ramla Prison

Israel’s Ramleh Prison [File photo]
Israel’s Ramleh Prison [File photo]

As many as 17 ill Palestinian prisoners face a "slow death" on a daily basis due to medical negligence in Israel's Ramla Prison hospital, a prisoners' rights group has reported.

The Commission of Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners said on Sunday that 17 sick prisoners are now incarcerated in the prison hospital suffering from extremely difficult medical and detention conditions. A majority are disabled and rely on wheelchairs and other prisoners to meet their daily needs.

The organisation stressed that the patients suffer from what it alleges is "deliberate medical negligence", including a lack of medical and health services, diagnostic tests and treatment. The hospital staff, it claimed, only provide painkillers and sedatives instead of proper treatment.

The report from the commission highlighted the case of Khalil Jabarin, who was transferred from Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital to Ramla Prison two days ago, even though he needs ongoing medical treatment because he was shot five times, with bullets found in several parts of his body.

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