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Bin Salman's adviser threatened to kill opposition, even if they hide under the Kaaba curtain

Saud Al-Qahtani, an adviser to the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia [Twitter]
Saud Al-Qahtani, an adviser to the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia [Twitter]

A tweet by Saud Al-Qahtani, an adviser to the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia who is close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, threatening to kill the opposition even if they hide under the Kaaba curtain has been widely condemned.

Al-Qahtani tweeted a Qur'anic verse: "Not equal among you are those who spent before the conquest [of Makah] and fought [and those who did so after it]. Those are greater in degree than they who spent afterwards and fought." He continued: "During the conquest of Makah, the prophet ordered to kill a specific group of people even if they hide themselves under the Kaaba curtain #the blacklist.

Khashoggi was on this blacklist. Also included are the names of numerous journalists, scholars and sheikhs who are opposed to bin Salman's rule and have ended up in the Saudi Kingdom's prisons.

Turkish media, quoting security sources, also reported new details about the mysterious case of the Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi who disappeared right after entering the Saudi consulate general in Istanbul last Tuesday.

The Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah published today details about the link between the arrival of 15 Saudis to Istanbul in private jets and the disappearance of Khashoggi.

According to the newspaper, 15 Saudis arrived in Istanbul aboard two planes on the same day Khashoggi disappeared in the consulate. Then they left in two different directions. However, the Saudi team did not head back to the Saudi Kingdom.

Daily Sabah added that the Saudi crew arrived at the Saudi consulate general in Istanbul on 2 October and left the same evening despite making a hotel reservation for four days.

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The newspaper also pointed out that Saudi security staff arrived at a hotel near the Saudi consulate, left some belongings, and then headed toward the consulate. In the evening, they returned to the hotel, took their luggage, and cancelled the reservation.

After two and a half hours from Khashoggi's arrival to the Saudi consulate, six black vehicles were driven towards the house of the Saudi Consul General Mohammed Al-Otaibi, located near the consulate building. The vehicles remained there for about four hours and then headed to Istanbul Ataturk International Airport.

The newspaper explained that the two jets took two different routes, one to Egypt while the other went to Dubai and then to Riyadh.

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