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Al-Zahar: Reconciliation will not take place under Abu Mazen, we will try him after liberation of Palestine

Dr Mahmoud Al-Zahar, a leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement
Dr Mahmoud Al-Zahar, a leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement[File photo]

Dr Mahmoud Al-Zahar, a leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas must be tried for implementing a precursor to the “deal of the century”.  Al-Zahar added during his interview with Donia Al-Watan that “the trial of Abu Mazen will be after the liberation of Palestine, not only him but also indictments will be issued for all those who betrayed the Palestinian cause, whether in his era or before.”

Regarding talks between his movement and the Fatah movement, Al-Zahar described the term “reconciliation” as misleading. He pointed out that there is no mixing between security coordination and resistance to Israel, and that reconciliation will not take place under President Abbas, nor will the 2011 Cairo Agreement be implemented.

Al-Zahar explained that the Palestinian president would not implement the reconciliation agreements, because one of the conditions of The Deal of the Century is to disarm and coordinate with the Israeli army. He also called for elections following which the people elect their representatives and those that Palestinians want to govern them.

As for the issue of the truce with Israel, Al-Zahar said: The ceasefire is linked to our conditions. If Israel lifted the siege on Gaza and Palestinians were given their rights to movement and essential services, such as electricity and water, salaries and others, then a truce could be implemented, after the success of the Return Marches.

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