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Ex-Iran president warns regime of popular protests

Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami yesterday warned that popular protests will erupt in the country if the regime insists on making the same mistakes.

"If the regime insists on its mistakes, criticism will turn into protests, and it is not clear what will happen to the country after that," Khatami said on his Telegram account.

He stressed that the reformists' demands are limited to reforms within the system and they are not calling for it to be changed.

"If the public is convinced that the reformists can not do anything, the street will stand behind those who want to change the regime," he said.

Khatami stressed on the need to continue supporting the current government of President Hassan Rouhani through constructive criticism.

Iranian reformists criticise Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei saying he is "restricting freedoms and adopting wrong policies with regards to the economy and foreign affairs".

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